Can you Clone a plant that has already gone into flower?

first time grower here, I was curious could you clone/revege a cutting from a plant that’s 6 weeks into flower?


Yes. It is a technique called supercropping


It’ll take a while to reveg and going to look funky through this process :love_you_gesture:


Monster cropping, right?


Leave some buds after chop and switch back to veg schedule. Takes a while but will start vegging. Usually people pull cuts to clone or will just flower it again.


Correction: monster cropping.


Here is a thread with years of growers inputs.

RE-Veging a continous grow garden


Those are pretty. What are they @Wastlelandgrow? I see why you would want to keep them going.

Reveg after harvest may be easier than rooting a flowering clone. But it doesn’t hurt to try. Take extras because I usually loose like half (or more) when deep in flower cloning. Either way it’s a slow process. Reveging a mom needs less attention because she has roots, VS clone hands on needs until it calouses over and sets roots.


Reveged lady (harvested 4/23), Top of plant harvested

Tented 8/23

Pictured 10/23

Tent full with only super cropped clones or re-vegers
Failures got/get smoked.

Plan on two months, no real growth.
Back yard, dark corner may be bes, not tent space.
5/2024 reveg Candidates

The tallest, greenest bags have male and female seed plants


So it basically took about a normal germ/veg cycle to make it from chop to the full on, totally, utterly, completely, reveg’ed?? I have a worthy candidate going now, as well.

Edit… i misread read the dates and noticed it takes a little longer. Still potential candidate, tho.

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The strain is jealousy it’s bag seed but I haven’t been let down yet tried out one of those online thca shops just to see what they had

Thank you everyone for the fast responses these comments have been very helpful gonna definitely give it a shot


Monster cropped plants usually grow like beasts once re-vegged. So be prepared for a “monster” lol

I have a “new” clone.
Current tent occupant got a trim 3 weeks ago.
4 clones attempted.
2-toasted and 2 still living.
1- has two root pieces, one 2 inches and one a stubb.
Not pictured yet.

always, consider potential candidates.
I cut another, today, just to try with another.

Super crop cloned 6-12-2024 (above)
Super crop cloned 5-15-2024 (below) root(s) showing promise.
Beer Bottle water changed today.


I think by the time I harvest, I will have enough new growth where I clipped and trimmed at the big defol. I guess it just depends on how much thefe is.

If I attempt to take clone from a flowering girl, do i need to leave bud on it? Or, just some leaves?

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Leave the flowering bud ON.
She now has 1-long root (2inches) and five “stubbs” appearing.
Keep in original tent (same lighting).

If re-veging the whole plant, after harvest, remove many buds (Smoke them).
Buds left may rot/mold after a few weeks or become too big for air flow.

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@DEEPDIVERDAVE So when i trim some lowers off the plant tomorrow, i can just put the branch in water and leave it in the flower tent to see if it roots?

You do not want to trim the buds off the clone until it has rooted well. Take your cutting intact, you don’t want any big holes in the plumbing until the new plumbing (roots) can become the new tap.

The catch is, if you leave the buds, besides mold and bug trap (like diverdave said), the flowering hormones being present makes the reveg much slower. Closer to 12 weeks instead of 6-8.

1: take clone intact

2: once rooted (2 weeks normal, 3 weeks if you use the water cup method. Tends to be slower) trim off all the old buds.

3: patience, because reveg flowering clone is going to take like 6-8 weeks to reveg,


This method is solid, just takes a tad longer than other methods. Just leave them if they droop a day or 2 after the cut. They usually stand back up in 48 hours. Tons of threads on here. So many ways to clone. Sometimes I try a different method just to change it up. You may want to hit the search box at the top for cloning.

If you figure out a clone method that appeals to you, throw it in the thread and everyone can chime in.