Chlorine/ Chloramine

If I use tap conditioner for aquariums to remove CHLORAMINE, will that hold out and be safe for my girls? Where I live the tapwater is full of chloramine

We have Chloramine used for our water. I used a PUR Water filter that takes care of it with zero issues. I filled up a 5 gallon bucket with brown water and a strong smell of chlorine. I think it was @Myfriendis410 said that it was probably chloramine since it still was strong smelling after 7 days sitting.

Maybe try that if you can. Since it won’t dissipate from the water sitting around.


What are either of those supposed to do? I use regular tap water.

I ran across issues using some top fin water conditioner. It also removed heavy metals and would give my plants an iron deficiency. Seemed to remove it from the soil as well. It could have just been a problem with the type/brand of conditioner I used.

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I live in a major metropolitan area as you might assume with a name like mine.
Philadelphia water switched from chlorine to Chloramine in the early 2000s.

The amount of Chloramine in the water is negligible and arbitrary at best. I freaked out a
while back and looked for every simple solution I could find. Long story short, …

If you want it removed from the water fully, I suggest something like API water conditioner. If you just wish to neutralize it, add 1 teaspoon of Humic or Fulvic acid to every gallon of water you feed your plants. It can’t hurt the plants and is very beneficial to the soil.

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I think the one I saw was API but I know of top fin as well. Now that you mention it on the bottle it says something about removing heavy metals as well :thinking:

So I have been using ro water for my first grow because our city water is too up and down. My thought was, can I use like half city and half ro? What would be the perfect numbers (ppm) that I’d be going for?

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Oh this conversation can go on for a while…I hear the Jaws music of more learned growers approaching. But before I hop out of the pool- let me chime in…

I use Boogie Brew water filter on the end of my hose outside. I checked with the county. We have Chloramine and Chlorine in our water.
I have ran directly from the hose,and it still worked OK. Kinda scared me,but I went with it… I thought maybe my supersoil provided the buffering I needed. I also used plastic pots until 2017-then I made the switch to net pots and radicle bags.
I bought the water filter only last summer because I was curious. With the order I did get -OH CRAP -I sound like I work for them-I don’t. I apologize.
I know I am.lucky,the levels may not be that bad here on the SF pennisula,California.
Before last summer,I used a 40gallon trashcan that I fill with water and let it sit for a day before using it.
I got a watering can that I can dunk into garbage can ,fill,and apply water to plants.

So I am tackling the issue from.many different angles,but I could not make an educated guess.

I have used different types of homemade supersoil for some time,but now use no-till soil with Build a soil amendments. (I don’t work for them either)
(Oh,I kept changing soil because of the several years of California wildfires,and I wasn’t comfortable reusing that particular batch of soil) the irony. I call my garden THUNDERDOME… :crazy_face:

Sorry for the ramble, smoked out before my siesta :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

SL out.


Is that the type of filter you screw onto your Fossett like in the kitchen?

Sorry to butt in… @LilRon

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Lmao!! I appreciate your response! I never heard of that filter but I will look into it now! Here in Houston the water is treated so heavily! Especially after that winter freeze we had the water is very questionable! I have been using bottled spring water that I PH to 6.5 but that’s a little costly after the first few cases are gone LOL

No it’s all good bro we all need to help each other out here!lol

I read that I can use citric acid or ascorbic acid but I can’t seem to find ones with good reviews as all the ones that I read about people say they do not dissolve in the water

Houston! Represent! :100: :facepunch: Pastor Rudy at St John’s is my cousin…damn,lemme shut up… :shushing_face:

SL out.


:joy: Lmaooo

Harris County in here huh?! Not from there but knew more than few from that area!


Galveston county here

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@LilRon Something like this. Look for one that says it removes chlorine for example.

I have zero issues since I added this to our tap.

PUR Water Filter


Oh ok bet !! I’ll check them out and Either go to the hardware store or order one on Amazon! Thank you for the information!

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Already bro!! :metal:t3: