Water question on treating tap water

Would this be good to add to my tap water to help treat and get rid of chlorine and such? Or should I do the air pump and air stone method but that wouldn’t remove chloramine right ?


Sitting tap water out to gas off chlorine for 24 hours is sufficient. No stone or chemicals needed.

If you are using tap water be sure to adjust the pH of your water before feeding it to your plant.


Never seen that product before. I’ve used ascorbic acid (powered vitamin c) to remove chlorine and chloramine. It works almost immediately.
Chlorine will gas off as MidwestGuy pointed out, chloramine will not. Do you know which one your water has in it? My city post an annual report online.


Yes you can use it. It works. Currently use this when I have to.

you can find a water report for your area online, they release them publicly. If you have chloramines you will have to use a product like that. If it’s chlorine you can bubble it out, if you don’t want to wait use that product in your water before anything else is added.

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I also have been using the method of just leaving water out and “open” to allow the chlorine to naturally disappate from the liquid.

Like usually I just fill water jugs and don’t cap them



Thanks man! Good advice had no clue the report would be available online. I found the local one and if I’m reading it right looks like no chloramine right ? Would the stuff still be good to get rid of the other stuff?


The only thing that product will do is get rid of chlorine and chloramines. I wouldn’t worry too much about the other stuff. :+1: I recommend getting a cheap garbage can for a water reservoir. Throw a bubbler at the bottom and a wave maker.
I use UV, bubbler, and wave maker, in the water “tank” and a 4 stage water filter, going into my nutrient res.


Low has you sorted.
The product works, you don’t need it however, just let water sit out for 24hr even if it’s just a 5g bucket or two.
My other suggestion that has not been mentioned here is add an inline Caron filter, they have rv ones that screw on the end of garden hoses or what I did is got one and put fittings so it runs on the cold side of my kitchen sink. Best tasting water you can get for me the plants the wifey and the animals. Change it once every 6 months for 20$ cost me 80$ to set it up.

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Check the PPM of your water. I run my tap water through a hydrologic small boy filter. It has a sediment filter and a granulated carbon filter to remove chlorine. After filtration my PPM is 210. (Hard water where I live)
Some choose to bubble and aerate their water, I do not. Also as mentioned, I wouldn’t worry to much about the other stuff if the water is safe to drink.
You could use an RO system, I have considered that myself. Possibly mixing RO with my tap water. My tap water does contain beneficial calcium and magnesium that is removed in the RO process.
I’m no chemist, it would be interesting to know what compound(s) are created/transformed using the conditioner/removal liquids.

I’m currently growing in Fox Farms soil.

Yes I need to get a tds pen so I can check I’m on city water . Are the cheaper tds pens ok ? I just recently got my ph pen a decent apera one. I’ve just been letting the water sit for 24hrs before I got it , but mine are now going into flower I believe. so looking to start fine tuning a little bit and actually ph the water and maybe increase yield and quality a little. My state just went legal in July so trying my hand at it for the first time. They’re just some bag beans so I’m excited to have got girls! Haven’t done much other than water these girls and give them some fox farm nutes and cal mag every now and then. They’re growing in happy frog. Will be getting an indoor setup at some point but wanted to try low budget and outside to get my feet wet. @Nicky thanks for the inline filter idea too that’s solid!



No sweat. She looks good. The cheap oh pens are fine, I just got one with good reviews on amazon. Tds is a much simpler process than PH and that’s why getting the apera for PH was a great investment (re calibrate it once a month set an alarm for yourself on your phone or your old school Callander).

My country has been legal since 2018 I think, ya know that big land mass up north thst plays hockey and wins gold medals in women’s soccer and stuff.


+1 on what Nicky Said… Plants are looking good! I would say keep doing what your doing, “if it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it”

I do not treat tap water if I can drink it so can they.

@skipper1 that’s a good point. I wonder if my plants would like whiskey as much as I do? Be right back.


@Nicky @Low do either of you or anyone else know if this is a bad bug or is it harmless?

Looks kinda like a black bean aphid, but there are gozillions of tiny black bugs to choose from.
If its just one pluck it off.

Kinda looks like a tick

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Think we would need a better close up picture to have a better idea to be honest so many bugs look similar to that.
Has the shape of a tick but ticks are a bit more brown if I remember correctly. At least up here in the north west.

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@skipper1 definitely not a tick almost looks like a weird tiny stink bug but it’s not that either. I’m in flower now so don’t want bugs to get em I’d be so sad haha. @Spiney_norman there were three of them which I did pluck off then moved them to another area of my yard. I treated them with spinosad a week or so ago but don’t want to do too much with them being in flower now. Or would that not hurt to retreat? We have a vegetable garden as well and the squash bugs did a number on the squash and zucchini. Didn’t get my girls tho. I have a sun room I considered moving them in but didn’t want to stress them moving from outside to in there. What are y’all’s thoughts on all matters? lol

My understanding is spinosad is safe to use up to harvest time. A bud wash would ease the mind too.
Squash beetles…UGH …I hate hate hate those @$#^%$#@