CBD Use Question

I know nothing about CBD, but I want to learn about it. Need a good place to start.
My neighbor gave me 4-5 grams and I’m not sure what to do with.
Can I just toss some in my protein shake?

Is it flower?

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CBD flower?

If it’s flower I’m not sure 4 or 5 grams would be really enough to make more than one or two doses of concentrate. Smoking it is probably best bet.

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Anything other than flower is probably okay to just mix with something. Flower will need to be decarbed first or you can just smoke it. That’s probably best…


I was gonna mention decarbing it and whatnot, but a lot of work for a small amount.

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Yes its flower. I really need to get some good information on CBD. I would like to grow some.
Smoking it is.

I grow mine for medicine. At least that’s been my excuse for decades. Recently found this forum and found out I’m not the only one using that excuse. Learning about extracting and infusion has really changed my consumption. I own a POTV One, make edibles and tinctures.


I would like to get more creative with how I consume it.
My wife has some medical issues and I think it would help but she has no interest in smoking.

Karla is the same way. I have a tincture we use on our hands. Real quick pain relief.

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U can decarb the weed put it in a jar with everclear alcohol shake it up and let it sit for a week or so then strain it and make gummies from it or use a eye dropper and put some under ur tougne or u can make canna butter have a look on YouTube on how to make these things

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Try a reputable place like Charlotte’s web or maybe CbdMd first. You can buy and see if something like that helps her before making investment in building grow space and running an actual grow. They have gummies that would probably be more appealing. Just stay away from gas station stuff and make sure you’re not basing your opinions on low quality products.

Ya but 3 or 4 grams is only going to get you a couple of doses.

In the end its up to u what u do with just go with what u think

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