CBD flower decarb?

I picked some CBD flower up and I am making infused chocolate… is there a decarb chart for that? Do I treat it the same as THC? Who do I tag?

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I’ve never used cbd before, did not know you could just use straight cbd for edibals. I want to see how they come out.

It looks, feels and smells like regular THC flower. I am debating grinding it super fine after I decarb it and putting it straight into the chocolate. As opposed to making an infusion.

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@NotquiteJuneCleaver good to see you are still around I was just thinking about you yesterday. We got stared on the forum around the same time. Do you have a journal on the go? I know I copied some of your techniques last year.

Hi! Yeah I’ve been quiet… I am about to harvest a clone off my porch grow. Then my tent will go dark until I sprout for my spring/summer grow. This is Veronica about a week and a half ago… I’ll post tomorrow night with her wet weight.


Nice work!

All harvested! She was 626g wet weight. I am pretty ok with that.


Decarb is for THC only, you are wasting your time for CBD.

No, you need to decarb if you want CBD. Just like THC, CBD starts MOSTLY as CBDA. If you want mostly CBDA, then don’t decarb.


I did not know that, thanks for sharing.

I think I let her get too dry… :person_facepalming: what are my in jar options? I jarred her up today…
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I had that happen and I was fortunate to have another plant on the g, so I took a leaf and added it to the jar. This brought the humidity up nicely.

Buy some Boveda or Integra humidity packs. I use the 62% packs. Others use the 55% or 58% but drop one in each jar and let it sit for at least 3 days closed. It’ll bring the moisture back to correct amount. They’re good to have for longer term storage anyways so buy extras. They’re cheaper in bulk anyways.