Decarboxing device that makes butter, oil, etc

A couple weeks ago a saw a post that showed a device that decarbed buds… anybody know where that post went? Now I can’t find it, lol. Just wanted to investigate a little more.

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I got the lift from Ardent. I purchased off the 'net for 175. Just came in today so no review yet but so far I am happy with my purchase.


This won’t make butter or anything it just gets the product edible. The only thing I have done is make an alcohol tincture but I was using my oven and had ok results as far as potency but in the oven I was getting varied results. I bought this for more uniformed decarbing.
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Gotcha.:wink::+1:I’ve made it in the oven too. Seems you can’t really get consistency, hence my quest to find a way to do just that. I’m really curious to see how this device works, so hurry up and make something! lol!:joy: Thanks for getting back and please post your results or shoot me a message. Greatly appreciated! Rock on! :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:


This is something am trying next time I decarboxylate…from @Willd

"Sure Deb. Here’s the long and short of it. THCA and CBDA are the acids that become the potent THC & CBD during typical combustion.
What decarb’ing does is convert the THCA & CBDA into THC & CBD without having to incinerate it so you can orally ingest it in it’s potent active state instead of it’s acid state which is not so potent.

So there are likely 100 times as many videos as there are methods.
I used to use the method from the MB2 manual but the 2 stage one I found online a few months ago seems to work better.
Here’s the one currently use. How much you want to break up your flowers is personal choice. I don’t bother until I grind it up all at the end.
Pre-heat heat oven to 225° F. once heated to temp I place the flowers in a single layer in a covered pan and bake for 20 minutes. I take it out turn the oven up to 240°F and let the flowers cool down to room temp. I then place the covered pan of flowers back in the oven for 40 minutes. Make sure it cools completely before removing the lid to avoid allowing delicious terpenes to evaporate.
If you’re decarb’ing a high CBD strain you can go 60-90 minutes instead of 40-60 to convert more CBDA to CBD.
I personally go for the lower time because I don’t use this stuff for pain. I prefer the benefit of the psychoactive components.
What you do with it from that point is up to you. If you plan on making oil and butter regularly, I suggest you invest in a MB2 machine. 1 hour to make oil and 2 hours to make butter.
It’s a great piece of equipment that really lends to a consistently delicious and potent product.
Otherwise you can scour youtube for more how-to
FYI - This is going to make your house smell beyond WONDERFUL and DELICIOUS. Cannabis potpourri anyone?!?"


Thanks @kabongster

The Lift looks cool. How many ounces of buds can it decarb at a time?
I ask because their website it completely lacking any specifications or support documentation.

For the oven decarb folks like me…
Before you do any decarbing in the oven, make sure your oven’s thermostat is accurate. It’s a good idea to get an oven thermometer if you don’t have one. The difference between the actual temp and what it says on the stove’s dial or display can vary as much as ±10-15° F.


One question thats been bothering me, as I’ve only ever decarbed bud using a sous vide method, exactly the same way people cook food using sous vide. I did this as I didn’t want the oven to be stained with the smell of weed, although I would be more than happy to smell it whenever the ovens on, the other half wouldn’t… she’s not to keen on it all. So the question is, does decarbing stain your oven with the smell of weed? Also what type of tray do you use, glass or metal? what do you cover it with?

The smell doesn’t linger in the oven any more than bacon or cake or potatoes. Well bacon tends to linger more because of residual splatter inside. But cannabis doesn’t really linger in the oven.
I use a round 3qt graniteware casserole with aluminum foil crimped around the edges.

A pair of these came with my sun oven.


What temp do you sous vide it at and what kind of bag are you using? I would be afraid of the bud picking up a plastic smell.

Awesome, cheers for the info, I already have two buckets full of leaf and trim, and thats only off 1/3 of the grow so I’m gonna have a lot of decarbing material. Going to use all the leaf material for butter, and all the smaller buds for water hash.
I cant remember what temps, theres plenty of info about it on google thats where I learnt it. It was a hassle and I dont plan on doing it again, over will be 10x easier. I used proper vac seal bags approved for cooking, microwaving etc so theres no worries about plastic seeping into the buds

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The manual that comes with the lift claimes 1/2 oz can be done at one time. They also say the buds don’t need to be ground up and can be put right into the machine.
I am currently out of material and just planted so my review may take a while or I might have to hit the open market.

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Oh cool. Any time. Mrs WillD doesn’t use it but loves the smell. She wants me to figure out how to make essential oil for her diffuser. I think some people’s negative association with the smell comes from being conditioned that it’s WRONG and ILLEGAL for so long. It’s legal where we live and sparsely populated. We don’t have any underage children and there aren’t any minors living <3/4 mile from here either so we don’t really care if it reeks of tasty trichs!


Cool. How long is a cycle? I’m typically prepping 3 to 4 oz at a time

About an hour and a half.
When I was using my oven I was about the same time at 240 degrees.
By the way it claims no smell…
however with cannabis I think there is always a smell.


Thanks. It looks like a nice compact solution for someone where smell is an issue.
I have a pair of those pans like I posted above so that’ll work. It’s far from no smell but that’s not a concern.
Seal a meal or other food grade bag sealer is about the only way to prevent some smell. Gotta say though the MB2 machine is pretty odor free while it’s running.


Unfortunately mine just doesn’t like the smell fullstop, but hey thats her problem not mine, she’s missing out on one of the most amazing smells on this planet :wink:
I couldn’t agree more on the negative association, I’m sure if beer were illegal more people would find the smell or taste unpleasant… not me, it is the nectar of the gods


I totally agree - the negative stigma associated with MJ… it’s totally unscientific, steeped in prejudice and ultimately stupid. I do believe the thinking is changing though… it’s truly benign compared to alcohol, pills and powder.

I moved this to the more appropriate category :grinning:

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Sorry to dig this old thread up, @Paulcrf! I am considering purchasing an Ardent Nova and would really love to hear your thoughts on the machine! How does it compare to the oven method? Really no smell? Better conversion and preservation? Thanks! :slight_smile: