Canna cap experiment

OK today I decided to try something novel and simplify. For the past 2 years, I’d been using a MB2 to make very consistently potent and delicious cannabis oil and piping it into 000 size gelatin capsules and using it in recipes. If you’ve made coconut oil or butter you know that the quality of all the ingredients is paramount to achieve above average results.
I determined the THC content of the oil caps to be somewhere in the 30mg/cap potency range.
I read somewhere (maybe) about just eating decarbed cannabis instead of going through all the rigamarole and expense of infusing saturated fats like coconut oil and butter.
The strain I used was a very potent Sour Diesel coming in @ 22%THC.
I took 2.5oz (ok it was really 68 grams, but I wouldn’t want to exceed the state limit, ya know) and decarboxylated it, ground it into fine powder and filled 150 “000” caps. 68000mg of weed x.22=14960mg THC
14960mg THC/150 caps =99.73mg TCH/cap
I have no problem rounding up to 100mg.


I actually reground and sifted after picking out some small stems thinking I don’t want that to get lodged in the stomach wall or descending colon or something,

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If you don’t mind me asking have you taken one and how well do they work

would you be able to explain decarboxilating and the process to me. Id love to eventually make some butter but the thing i watched on doing it use decarboxulated butter and before that id never heard of it

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Sure Deb. Here’s the long and short of it. THCA and CBDA are the acids that become the potent THC & CBD during typical combustion.
What decarb’ing does is convert the THCA & CBDA into THC & CBD without having to incinerate it so you can orally ingest it in it’s potent active state instead of it’s acid state which is not so potent.

So there are likely 100 times as many videos as there are methods.
I used to use the method from the MB2 manual but the 2 stage one I found online a few months ago seems to work better.
Here’s the one currently use. How much you want to break up your flowers is personal choice. I don’t bother until I grind it up all at the end.
Pre-heat heat oven to 225° F. once heated to temp I place the flowers in a single layer in a covered pan and bake for 20 minutes. I take it out turn the oven up to 240°F and let the flowers cool down to room temp. I then place the covered pan of flowers back in the oven for 40 minutes. Make sure it cools completely before removing the lid to avoid allowing delicious terpenes to evaporate.
If you’re decarb’ing a high CBD strain you can go 60-90 minutes instead of 40-60 to convert more CBDA to CBD.
I personally go for the lower time because I don’t use this stuff for pain. I prefer the benefit of the psychoactive components.
What you do with it from that point is up to you. If you plan on making oil and butter regularly, I suggest you invest in a MB2 machine. 1 hour to make oil and 2 hours to make butter.
It’s a great piece of equipment that really lends to a consistently delicious and potent product.
Otherwise you can scour youtube for more how-to
FYI - This is going to make your house smell beyond WONDERFUL and DELICIOUS. Cannabis potpourri anyone?!?


I am going to try for the first time today. Hoping to get similar results with 2/day instead of 6-8 caps of the oil.


thanks for posting this, it sounds very interesting

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It was born out of one of the many unnecessary exercises in frugality I’m always undertaking to consciously spend and consume at least 66% less than the average of my counterparts on all commodities, necessities, and energy.


It’s been much easier than I anticipated and gets easier every day.

your posts are interesting and informative, we are always open to sharing information

thanks. I tend to talk too much sometimes but I am always willing to share what I know if it will help others grow.


Also have received a lot of valuable info from other members. Bonds based on similar interests, much like cannabis, grow strong and healthy with care and nurturing.
Do you play guitar or is that notion reserved to just your avatar?
I used to play guitar in a couple of bands in RI before I moved to Maine.

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the guitar is el kabong’s non lethal means of fighting nefarious evil doers, his secret identity is actually Quick Draw McGraw, a sheriff in the Old West.

He’d swing down an bash the bad guys with his guitar yelling kabong!

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no, I, as well as the rest of my family, am so tone deaf our singing “happy birthday” made dogs howl, so sadly I am limited to listening only.


Thankyou so much @Willd that process seems doable,i really appreicate you taking the time to explain that so well. do you only use the flowers or can the stem and leaves be used too?

Ok so today was a very successful test. I took 1 cap this morning with only a cup of coffee in my stomach at about 7AM after I’d been up for about 2 hours. after about 45 minutes I definitely could tell I dosed. I did have a couple bags of vape from the Volcano prior to feeling the effects. We went out and did some errands had some lunch when we got home. Then at about 4:20 this afternoon I realized I hadn’t smoked or vaped most of the day which is uncommon. A few minutes later I took another cap and now I definitely feel like I dosed and this effect should last through bedtime in another 4 hours.
I really love how much less conscious and aware and I am of the high and that the effects last for so much longer than smoking or vaping without the coughing and associated muscle spasms

I feel like this is a very effective delivery method and while it may not be a 100% replacement for making coconut oil and butter for making baked goods, or passing around a spliff or vape bag with friends, I am committed trying to use it almost exclusively to give it a good test.

OK the fact it took me almost 30 minutes to compose this without typos is evidence enough it works.


you have convinced me, I will try this out


Thank you you for this very informitive thread hell i even coped most of it


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I agree :+1: :ok_hand:, this goes straight to my note book @Willd


It’s pretty sublime. It diminishes that feeling of compulsion to smoke or vape all the time without feeling like I’m wrecked. Took 2 yesterday. 1 at 7AM and one around 4:20PM.
I woke up feeling totally fine and alert this morning. I’d imagine if you took it right at bed time you might awaken with some lingering effects. I took one this morning and feel chill as I’ve ever felt from smoking, vaping or eating oil laden bakery goods or caps.
This is going to be the way for me. I still love to taste that mind altering vapor though. I guess I need to do it at lower temps or use less in the chamber to prevent the coughing attacks and associated muscle spasms doing so.


Day 3 of of taking the 100mg cannabis caps. I supplemented with a couple of brownie bites before my afternoon dose yesterday. So far so good.

I am still vaping a little because I really love the flavor, but unfortunately even at the lower temps and using less material, it still causes me to cough my bloody head off which in turn causes pain to radiate from the site of my cervical fusion right across both my upper trapezoids and into down into my scapulas (brachial plexus) and continues to the ends both arms right to my finger tips with each deep breath and subsequent cough that follows.