Man what a ride

Since I started medicating with cannabis and getting off other meds I made tincture for the first time and loved how different it was to smoking. Tried cannabutter but hated the taste. Yesterday I made some canna Capps with coconut oil. I put in 1 oz of decarbed flower with 3 tablespoons of sunflower lectin. Covered with just enough oil to cover it and cooked in crockpot for 6 hours on low. Next was to fill the caps and I let them sit overnight. First thing this morning I took 2 and am amazed at how well it worked. More relaxing than smoking or my tincture. So many ways to consume the same flower with different results with each method. Gotta love the weed


All out of likes, but I’m glad you found what works. @Painfree


I bake a pan of brownies, get a woodworkers’ square from the garage and measure, cut, vacuum seal and freeze. It provides over a month of sleep meds which work like no tomorrow!

One thing I do is shake kief before I make butter. That way I always have an ounce or so of hash on hand.