Canna Caps - Oil Infused or Dry

Hello. I saw your other post about the canna capsules you make. Sounds like you fill with only ground, decarb’d flower.

I though you has to have some sort of oil or fat?

I infused mine with coconut oil and was hoping to insert the ground flower along with
the oil. Couldn’t make that work so I only filled with the defused oil. Works fine but wondering about your process?

Will be making more soon and looking for more education. Love some feedback


I used a heat press and made rosin,
Decarbed the rosin,
Mixed in some dry sunflower lethicine.
Works great.
I weigh each cap and can say I do sleep better.
I tried coconut oil but sometimes they leak a little so dont make too far in advance.

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Yes I just use the decarb flower. I grind it up a coffee grinder and put in the capsules.


A few months ago I made a round of caps. My thoughts behind them were to consume them while running on the trails. Something that’s relaxing but still easy on the belly.

I decarb a few of of bud along with an oz of bubble hash. Next I infused fish oil just like you would butter. About 24hrs in the slow cooker.
*Because I love the relaxing high from cannabis.
*Fish oil is great for joints and bones.

After it was all infused and strained out using a cheese cloth I added alittle coconut oil. This gets lightly warmed together so it can infuse with one another.
*Coconut oil is great for inflammation and joint care. It’s also good for your hair. Lol (Keepin it real)

The next step is a cool step. While the mixture is cool I add some peppermint oil. This is a necessity while running long distances.
*Works wonders on an upset belly.

Lastly I filled this mixture into gel caps. Easy to pack and easy to consume. This is definitely designed for colder months as they will resolve in high temps.