Can you fog indoor and if so how

bugs…spraying for them, can i fog in a 9x7 room

Not sure how safe that would be. Did u try doind a bug spray and soaking the dirt. I use this if i notice anything and it seems to work for me so far.

I use the bottle to soak the dirt and the aza max in a spray bottle to spray the leaves. Just never spray leaves while lights are on always when they go off so they r dry when lights come back on to prevent burning the leaves

What bugs?
What spray? Is it chemical toxic shit?

If its a actual fogger dont do it if you have plants you plan on smoking that a quick way to.ruin a good set of lungs.

neem or cpt jack

What are you trying to treat?
Kind of bugs you have?
Those I guess can be fogged but I would think you would end up using more fogging than just applying with water or using hand held pump sprayer

white flies, aphids, and nats

You have all of them now?
Or are you just being preventative?

had white flies 2nd time. i am 2.5 weeks into a 10 week flower

may be eggs no live bugs

Sounds like you’re on top of it

i thought it might be better to fog at lights out rather than break my light cycle whats your thought

I’ve never fogged anything so I don’t know
You have other options.
Kind of tough to recommend anything without knowing your situation etc

sorry, first indoor grow. tell me what info u need

do u know someone who fogs indoor