Can This Plant Be Saved?

So in late March a little over 5 months ago I planted 2 blueberry autoflowers. The 1st plant was harvested in July. I’d also planted 3 GSC autoflower a few weeks later The GSC’s were finishing in Aug and this plant had yet to flower. So I changed lighting from 18/6 to 12/12. This was a very bushy plant and all the leaves on the inside kept dying or falling off. I tried to separate the buds to get airflow and light but have been unsuccessful. There are several parts of the buds that are just dried and dead. At this point I’m just wondering if this plant is even salvageable. Everything else is done and harvested. This one plant has just been a pain to deal with. I hate to just throw it out after all this time and effort but I don’t know if I’m wasting my time.

Soil: FFOF
Light HLG 600 12/12
Nutrients FF trio, calmag, silica blast

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I had a BB auto do that too. It turned to absolute shit and was a headache. I saved it and used it for hash and edibles.


I think the axtual issue is foxtailing. What were the temps and light intesity? Also, like people, sometimes you get seeds that are umm… special needs lol

Thanks for the insight. Im leaning towards just chopping it and throwing it in some butter. Just hesitant cuz it had gotten so big and if the buds would have developed, may have been a decent yield. The other bb auto from the same batch did great and I liked the smoke.

Temps tend to run pretty high at around 81-84 humidity in the low 50’s. I had been running humidifiers which seem to bring it down a few degrees and raised the humidity up but had stopped for a while when I was got a spot of mold on one of the plants. Now it’s kind of hit/miss if I refill the humidifiers every morning depending how busy I am with work. Not sure on the light intensity for my light. It’s about 36 inches from the canopy and I haven’t had any burn issues with the other plants.

Typically in flower, especially late, humidity is lowered to prevent mold. I shoot for 40% rh or a tad less. Your temps are pretty normal too. Im not a scientist by any means so im going to chaulk it up to retarded genetics.