Autoflower Bubble gum not doing anything!

I planted 5 BG autoflowers Aug.1 2019. 3 plants did well and have been harvested. 2 plants stopped doing anything. Watered and fed regularly. Soil pH is 6.7. Are my last two plants a waste or should I continue growing them?

The buds are tiny and have been this way for two months.

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If it was me…I would just scrap it and continue on. But I dont really cater to weak/funky plants. They either make it or they dont.


Id agree with @imSICKkid at that point its not worth the electricity for what youl get out of it scrap em and start fresh

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What size pot? 3 gal or less , replant into a larger pot and Feed her! If shes in a 5 maybe it’s time to loos it.

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Wise words, get with the program or die

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The pot appears too small so more than likely the root ball is bound therefore, locking out nutrient uptake.

Autoflower MJ freaks out usually if you transplant the late. Lost cause, I believe. Sorry about that.

Can always try to transplant if you want :+1:t2:

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Seen these are your last 2, if you dont NEED the space or light, heck, up pot them babies feed um good and letum run…cant hurt