Problem with my Bubblegum

Hi all. I had a problem with my bubblegum Autoflower. We had to leave in an emergency do to a death in my family. We were gone about 5 days so the plant was all dry when we got home. All the main leaves were completely brown and dry up. The buds are still moist on some but completely dry on others.It was in the 9 week of flower stage but not done by no means. Do you think the plant still would be worth harvesting or should I just trash it.


Feed her and lets see. Hardy plants. Sorry for your loss.


Ya, hopefully you gave a solid soaking. Just have to see how well she recovers.


How is she doing? @Fishyj

Not good, buds are drying up. I just pulled the plant. I will finish drying kit and try it out.

Sorry for your loss in the family. Hope the buds are good.

Look u can still make oil or cannabutter or edibles or u can smoke it still but if it has green on the plant u maybe be able to water it and feed it it may come back if not ur options are as above