Can she be saved?

Not sure what happen. The last couple days the leaves started turning yellow around the edges and the tips started curling up. Can it be saved? I know auto flowers dont have alot of time to recover from stress like this. I was suppose to transplant soon as well and now im not sure what to do. wish i would have just put it in its forever home in the beginning. Just dont want all the effort to be for nothing.

4 week old Bruce Banner Auto
Fox Farm
Greenhouse grown


I think you should start over: plant is zorched.


She is done… i agree with @Myfriendis410 start over. :disappointed:


Agree with the others nothing left to save

Is this your first grow? What kinf of FF were you using? Did you try to grow from seed in the same pot? We want to help you succeed.


@ChittyChittyBangin Yes first grow. Got the auroflower seed from ILGm. I planted it in small pot with FFOF and planned to transplant to 5 gal grow bag. I didnt know before i started i could start it in the bigger pot and not worry about transplanting. Im not sure what happen to it. It was looking good just a few days ago and now this. Im usuing Ro and havent been using any nutes since i was in my first 4 weeks. I got the nute starter kit from ILGM for future use. I am trying to grow in a little greenhouse i built, thought it would help with noisy neighbors and keep the smell down when it flowered. I am in a hot climate but temps have been in the 80 this past month. Im dissappoint and want to succeed just dont know where i went wrong.


So sorry for your issues. I agree it looks like toast. Is it as dry as it looks? :blush::v:

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When the outside temps are in the 80’s the inside of my greenhouse can get up to 115. The small pot that its in will absorb heat. If the root zone gets too hot it will kill your plant. How small is your little greenhouse. Put a temp/hydrometer in there inside the flower pot.