Anyone help me please ASAP? Also what are good flowering nutes?!

What can I get to fix this? She started flower few days ago First time grow, autos, in compost, under 2000w LED Chinese brand, desktop fan for air flow and humidifier, RH stays at about 70 % but I’ve dropped a little for flowering, temp is about 26-28 C has only started showing up over last couple weeks…
oh yeah and water PH and soil is at about 6.3…

Please help!!! Also some good advice on decent flowering nutes for autos would much be much appreciated!

Put her in better light so can get rough size etc and she’s 4 weeks old today from sprout glue gelato

Nutrients , there are many possibilities I use fox farms trio because I use fox farms soil. It made more sense to get a regiment that works with my soils needs.

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Okay mate I’m literally in basic Wilkinson’s compost :laughing: what would you recommend for that

Just googled it and there’s a plant food by Bayer than seems to work with that soil.

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Thanks buddy what’s it called