Will she recover?

Hello everybody my auto just Started to 4 week vegetative , and yesterday she was almost dead, will she recover?

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What happens to her?

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Hey hey, she was very heatlhy and yesterday was too much heat, have some white and bronze leafs that i cut off soo now is like this on the preparation for floweringProcessing: 16288492608306869673178218955539.jpg…

Pic did not load. You have to wait for it to fully load before replying

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Check it now

Just my humble opinion:

It can recover, but you will probably have a faster harvest by dropping a new bean. It’s going to take her a while to recover and grow new foliage.

Did you have a bug or critter of some sort do that? It looks like something has been munching on her.

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If it’s an auto, and 4 weeks old, it’s just a very short time before it enters flower, if it didn’t try to already and it has a ton of damage to recover from. Too much recovery time needed.

To answer the topic, yes. She’s fine in fact. Recover? But as an auto, all you can do is let her finish.

When you say too much heat… do you infer someone took a blow torch to her? Because that’s honestly what it looks like. Lol.
This was abrupt damage for sure. She’ll grow, be fine. No more stress though. Be gentle with her from here on out.


Why are your branches cut off, but the fan leaves still there? And what happened to the growth? Is it wilted from heat? Did an animal get it? The stalk is green and looks sturdy. There are a lot of questions I have, and I’m a newbie. I think some of the veterans here need to find this grower a support ticket

Blow torch lol. My autos are outside in direct sun, heat index almost 110°F, actual temp 97° and they’re fine. I don’t mean to seem rude to the posters topic. If I comment on a topic, it’s like a stamp in my mind an shells with the learning.

Yeah… Or maybe a hair dryer… no other way for there to be this kind of green right next to that kind of dry. If it was a nutrient burn of that calibur the entire plant would already be dead…

Oh uhm… I could have stepped on it here too. If she is in reveg. Since I don’t know her schedule.
And that would mean she’s not an auto.

Well to be honest im not sure if was lack of water
Because she spent 12 hours straight sun, Portugal sun, loke 42° and o took some leafs cuz i had a snail trouble, now i took all the damaged leafs , and put her some mag and cal etc water, and she is on a rescue place, ill keep you guys updated, its a blue auto ,with 1 month exactly ,

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Looks like your main growing branches dried up - not sure it will recover , drop new beans as advised and put that one on the back burner



She might have some sort of recovery with enough care but I would not make her my priority plant at this point

Was the snails man. But yeah. Will recover what you can. Sounds like it isn’t your only plant. Good luck with the rest. Happy growing!

Oh. How quickly did you introduce them to that full sun? Unhardened plants can’t handle those numbers. Plants hardened for outside can handle anything outside throws. Almost.

I’m sure you got this. Sounds that way anyway. Again, happy growing!