Can anyone tell me about EL JEFE

I would be happy…a seed from medical tub …el jefe …but it’s been genetically screwed with for the better 30 thc …

Here is a forum search for El Jefe
You can read posts others have made about it.
Honestly there is little difference in growing one strain over another.
Sometimes a plant will want more or less of a certain nutrient, but that can be two plants of the same strain not two different strains.
If its general info you want perhaps Leafly.


My el Jeff is 30% thc plus

I know. You have mentioned that all over the forum several times.
What exactly do you want to know?


That not a gurantee, that is what the breeder experienced in s commercial setting. There arent any guarantees in cannabis growing. Also No cannabis strains are GMO. Even GMO cookies isnt geneticly altered. I think cannabis cultivators would be against gmo’s so it wouldnt go over well if monsanto tried anything.

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Well these Oz they had 100000.growing …in a interview they said they went through 100 different strains…must have worked 30 thc

The way I c it in Oz they invested in cannibis .they wanted a strain that would be pest light heat rugged…they sell to Europe …call it el jefe rocky …but el jefe is 20 thc …this 30 thc…that’s y I write to see has anyone found seed in med cannibus I have 4 more …I pay 1200 a month …at present …650 and Oz to GOV AND WOT NOT…so the seed has been radically altered it was size of a pea …like polished gem …white yellow …I’m not here to brag but learn…I had no idea a seed from a clone…the clone from a plant a mother…they claim this mother has produced 4 tonnes of dope…so U C I’m glad I do not in the future fork out $$$$ for my health yes but not for so called med commercial factories …I know little about how this plant will behave…no it’s not like other plants very kind…mild 74 deg 12 12 no stress

Funny a bubble hash 55 I get …it comes from.canada…at times if fresh it’s v good…160 3g…in Oz Royale Tasmanian botanics 31 thc I get …easily the best and thc31 I’ve had in years * plus or minus 1 CBD .I believe if someone can manage 48 thc on a bud which growers can do…y settle for less …same effort in grow …but I have free seed …if in future anyone wants to purchase a seed I’m more than happy to spread …but most will grow and sell …SELL. I prefer to give

Medical cannibis will become a con job …U want fries with that …I believe some seed should be kept as new stuff packs bang but often little ekae

@Rokki I wanted to chime in about the 20-30% THC. Just cause you have a seed that might give you a ballpark rang on the finished product and the amount of THC it may contain. Just because it gives a % dose not mean the seed you possess is loaded with that amount.
It starts with a good strain but ends in the hands of a well rounded grower. If “El Jefe” has the potential to hit 30% it also has the potential to land in the 12%. It all depends on how it’s grown. (I don’t think +40% is happening like you think)
And what are you saying about bubble hash. The post was alittle choppy and confusing. Is that $160 for only 3grams of hash. Is this a rare aged temple ball of a lost verity or somthing?

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No bubble hash topaz Canadian…3g 160$ but it’s like 5g in real terms…the eljefe…is always 30thc plus …I have 40 old scripts…I’m not bragging…just WONDERING if anyone has found seed like I did…because I had no idea the time or conditions it was grown…in fungi larvae pack clone…I grew i prepacked soil excellent quality…I add molasses pumpkin kernel pond water a few nutrients and small amount bloom…it is 3 metres tall bent like a harp…also I’m thinking will their be seed???

2 weeks flowering…183 days old …so maybe in 230 245 days it’ll be done…I’ll let u know …as I said I’m new to this…someone said I’m.raving …so!? I had an inquiry …legitimate…I’m on script I’m ill.costs me 1000$ Aus per month…650$ per Oz…so it’s a stroke of luck to find a seed …or seeds …really they’re like robots …need do little I realised …just light and transition…vedge …to flower…and a taller grow area…thanks for your time

Also I’m expecting above 30% thc…in Oz we have 31 thc…the best …and yes they do get 48thc…I’ve seen them and on growers in secret…they’ve been growing 100 years …the med companies have numbers quality $$$.all organic to satisfy the gggbbh okoverseas buyers…these factories are popping up all over …the gov gives no rebate on medical cannibis script …THEY LIKE US BEING ILL…but like all GOVERNMENTS. …the trade off we get HI…I’ll take it

BAYER CORP. bought out Monsanto in 2018 for 63 billion due to the ongoing litigations about ROUND UP.

So you dont think Bayer will continue GMO’s?

Not sure what there up 2 seed wise., But Im sure they are having fun on there Yachts.

How long U think …
El jefe