Not as potent marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

I email ILGM to find why i can,t get any thing really good i have tried different seeds from different seeds company and have spent a lot of money and still no good WW g13skunk big bud WW no go jamican seeds.
I bought super silver haze from robert and it was not very good and i am trying to find out why this
keeps happen to me with every seed i have bought not one has been as advertised they all say 20%
THC thats not happen with me it probable 5% at best. Is there some thing wrong with my grow or
what do you think the problem is i have grown outside with same results just not 20 % as advertised
i grew super silver haze out side and it was not that good either. Why is this? try to help with this problem
so i can get something really good. I have got roberts GOLD seed going will see how they turn out in about
7 months the,ll be out side too. Right now i have Jamican weed going white widow going and gold going.
I have got 40 of these plants going most will go out side.

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We are sorry to hear that you are having issues. We stand behind out genetics.

Since you are having such a problem growing successfully; I would like you to find and fill out a support ticket. It is a “sticky” in the grow area.

We cannot advise you as to what is wrong with your grow techniques or other issues without more data. We will be glad to help,f you give us this info. Peaxce :slight_smile:

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