Seeds. You guys need to do a better job

Sorry to say this but I have noticed a big difference in the quality of the seeds since I began using this site over 7 years ago. Out of 10 Bruce Banner seeds, all germinated but only 5 made it. There is only one dominant plant that really took off but the rest look stunted. Same soil, same light source, same watering routine. I thought the idea was to take only the strongest plants to make the seeds but unfortunately, I believe this is no longer the case with ILGM. The same with 4 White Widow seeds. All germinated but only 1 dominant plant out of 4. And yes, I have been growing pot for a long time and I guess the only way to get the seeds that I want is to force one of the plants to turn male to get the desired effect. And yes it is possible by the way. I will continue to buy seeds here until I create my own seeds. Thank you and take care.


The seed shop and the forum are separate entities and no one here is affiliated with the seed shop.

Here is a link from which to voice your concerns.


Thank you