Good marijuana genetics

A question from a fellow grower:

On my third grow. 600 watt HPS and MH lite. Room 4x6. 2 carbon filters.

Grew some autos first time. Went well. Buds were a little airy. Looked really good smelled really good but the buzz was weak. Very disappointing. Autoseeds was the breeder.

Second grow was some freebie seeds from Herbies. Again things looked and smelled good. I dried and cured, did it all. Buzz was weak again!

This time I am growing your seeds. Plants have grown flawlessly and are now flowering. Iv’e determined its all about the genetics. So are you telling me you can grow a seed with the conditions all right and the end product is weak at best? Thats not acceptable. I spend way too much time caring for these plants to have them keep yielding this low potency weed. (Im growing soils and DWC with complete FluroNova nutrient series)

Will your stuff be 2 hit blow your mind shit when I finish growing it out flawlessly? Like I said I spend way to much time on this when I thought I would be producing this awesome finished product to end up with some stuff that barely gets you buzzed? Hell no!

So am I right? Is the potency all in the genetics and if you don’t get the right genetics you’re going to produce this subpar bullshit I have been producing?