Teach Me Something pt2

I apologize if this is in the wrong spot. I thought about the lounge but idk if it woulda gotten as much traffic there to help me understand more.

Its kind of hard to believe but after a several years of pretty successful grows I think it’s not just my girls that are growing.

Anyway, I started off buying seeds at the best price/deal I could find. I have gotten many of my seeds from Seedsman throughout the years and they usually throw you a few freebies which was amazing to me. But as I mature, it raises concerns. I’m not being intentionally skeptical but I began wondering if many of the free seeds I have gotten were unmastered genetics. For example, I bought a 10pk of randoms from Sweet Seeds and honestly, I’ve either pulled low yields with some dank buds or large yields with some buds that looked like they came out of the 60s. It got me wondering, am I buying bad genetics? Am I getting bad genetics in the freebies? How do I even know that what I bought is what I asked for and how do you know if genetics are bad? Like is there a line you draw?

All of this comes as I begin to look more at seeds from ILGM and wonder if I’ve been shorting myself by having potentially unstable genetics. Now I’m no geneticist but ever since I put up a ES180 v2 I’ve been pulling. .85 -.95 g/watt in 2 or 3 gallon pots in a 2x3 (I also dont use CO2). But still I have this lurking thought: would I have better yields if I had better seeds? What’s your thoughts on all of this? Is yield a good indicator of genetic stability? Does pricey seeds = better buds?

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I can’t really make educated response about the central question. The only genetics I’ve grown has been from ILGM. Overall I’ve been satisfied with results. Most plants have produced well, with one or two not really getting the size that i have come to expect with ILGM seeds.

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And that’s another reason I like bag seed if you drop 20 you’ll get a good one … I’ve only grown bag seed lots of em and the bud overall could be better but its not bad at all in fact very powerfull not the tastiest or smallest but it was getting there before I keep defiling the cure I got some good Gene’s I havent grown yet I got all mistakes out on my bag seed now I can hit the gas with some good seeds can’t wait and I’ve grown 300+ plants so I gotta good feel of plants but it made me realize the more I know about each strain I grow from repeating grows… thatbi know less and less about ither plant strain I have not grown because each strain is in depth and each wants its tweak in a different position because there all different and like slightly diff conditions and variations can cause different outcomes

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