Bud wash after 4 days?

I harvested my outdoor grown white widow plant on Sunday morning. Was about to start doing a hydrogen peroxide bud wash and my wife had a sudden accident upstairs. I checked on her, she’d hurt her ankle. My attention was suddenly shifted away from the buds.

I did manage to get them into my drying room. They’ve been in there for 4 days while my attention has been on her. I have done some trimming of the bigger leaves, etc and noticed some dust, a few bug droppings, and other things that the bud wash would have cleaned up.

My question: Would bud washing on day 4 of drying be bad for the buds? Or would it be ok? I would really like to get some of those pollutants out of the buds.

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my gut tells me your bud will absorb some of the wash because it is dry and then I don’t believe it will ever dry out properly after that…but I have no experience or have heard of this before so…


I’m with @Retiredoldguy on this. I wouldn’t risk it. If it were me, I’d defoliate all leaves and do a wet trim. It’s not ideal but I’d hate to see you ruin a whole harvest doing bud wash.


Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it.

I’m going to just keep them drying. It’s just not worth the risk to wash now.


^^^ @Retiredoldguy @Highwayman420 good call. … @Mirshaan them Growmies are 100% right!!! I’m out of likes or all y’all would have got one. :wink::love_you_gesture::call_me_hand::facepunch:


Truthfully when I first grew my first ILGM Blueberry Autos about 5 years ago…I didn’t study up enough to know the ins and outs of it other then how to grow it harvest etc…somehow I missed the bud washing section… :crazy_face:…I should have known this because everything else Ive ever grown in my garden to eat…Ive washed…Anyway I had a large harvest…even for Auto it was big…and I never washed them…I smoked some gave away some…No one ever died from it…BUT…I would never and haven’t since NOT washed my buds…You had a legit and more important reason that you missed this step.So you enjoy your harvest !!