Bud trimmer for caninibus

I would like some input on a bud trimmer. We bought one a couple of years ago, but it trimmed to much of the bud off.


Heck I bought a bowl trimmer it works but it to me tears buds up and don’t make then look as pretty as scissors and hand. Alot faster but def not my style. Bowl trimmer works gr8 on wet trim and not so well for dry trim I still believe unless u get one of the fancy expensive machines I’ll run into some issues with it. But u can always use the trimmings ur machine leaves behind for edibles or concentrates of some kind


Unfortunately this is feedback that most provide about them.


That’s what we had was a bowl trimmer. Right now I’m trimming my Purple Haze is still growing got one trimmed and found some bud Rock we’ll have to keep them dry to harvest that sucks. Don’t want to lose those big buds on top and that usually work Bud rot starts thanks for your info


Trimming by hand is always going to do a superior job until we can get a robot to do the job, Tesla’s robot might be able to do it one day lol.

If your a dry trimmer then there are some cheap options you could try like a bag trimmer

Otherwise your looking at a thousand plus dollars for anything that does a decent job and it all cuts buds aggressively so lots of waste.
Machine trimmed buds look different because of how aggressive they are.


Nothing will come close to hand trimming, but a Bowl trimmer is a god send when you are tired of endless trimming. I keep all my grow for personal and friends so not crazy about perfect trims. Bowl trimmer does a great job if you:

  1. Buy the larger bowl for trimming
  2. Don’t over fill it
  3. Do a little bit of pre-trim so you’re not asking for miracle

Hand trim all the way. “If” I did go with one it would be a Twister. Large scale grow style.


I use my bowl trimmer after a preliminary hand trim and it does a great job if you don’t overdo it.8 turns and I’m good.I use the trim for tinctures, lotions , vapes,etc.

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Bowl trimmer. Less than one minute.


We have a bowl trimmer but hubby cuz it takes too much off the flower that’s interesting that you make lotion the only thing I do with the extra Leaf is at a But but I would be interested in the lotion