Anybody use a bowl leaf trimmer?

Anybody use a bowl leaf trimmer like dealer and Amazon have? Read mixed reviews on them, biggest downfall people seem th mention I’d trichome damage but just cos they may come off the buds does not mean they will go to waste! Feels like it takes me 2 days to do harvest with good manicure, (unfortunately the novelty wears off after a few hrs for me) and if one of these does a decent job in a couple of hours I think it’s a pretty good investment!

IMO, $100-$300 auto trimmers are not worth the money. I’ve never used anything more expensive. Hire someone to help trim for $10per hour, much more useful.


I agree, the novelty wears off.

Try manicuring less at each sitting…one plant, a few branches. Trim for a few hours and quit.
Get a comfortable pair of trimming shears.
One day more or less for a plant won’t matter.

If you make it something that you don’t like, you’ll condition yourself into hating the harvest…and that makes no sense at all.


here’s what i use . i made them years ago . my own blade design and all very fast it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to do a 1/4 LB depending on the type of bud …i built them as i get tired of sitting for 20- 25 HRs running scissors Hammer


Is that a purchased machine with your own blade design or is the whole thing your design? Looks good, do you manually roll the buds on the grille?

You don’t get labour that cheap here! Not even close! And I’d rather keep it all in house :slight_smile:

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i built this one based on a machine i purchased that had many short comings that bothered me, so i went to the shop and began creating my own …i fabricated this from the ground up . i made ten as i had some interest on a forum that shut down a few years back . so i still have them boxed up . sold a couple locally and trade one once to a friend . and yes you basically roll the bud across it while moving too and froe slightly it uses a bulit in fan to create a little bit of vacume so it pulls the leaf into it to slice it off …Hammer


What sort of $ you want for them?! I guess they are 110v?

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Hey @Aquaponic_Dumme and @latewood should you trim before drying or after @irma1010