Bud rot? Mold? Newb help

Is this bud rot? I have some yellow leaves but only 4-5. I noticed this tonight after heavy rains yesterday. It’s dark on this bud and on the edge of a few leaves.

Overall plant picture? Looks more like a def to me. Which would require an overall picture to confirm. Preferably with some focus on older fan leaves.

Bud rot comes from the center out. Definitely not seeing that here. The other one that gets dark is… Starts with a V. But it also doesn’t look like a p def. Which this does.

What is def?


I see nothing of concern. She’s nice and open too. Plenty of room for air flow. So bud rot is unlikely.

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Thank you for the response I’ll get some better pictures of the lower leaves tonight there is some yellowing and brown spots. I’m nervous because here in Virginia we had some heavy rain from hurricane Ida so she definitely got wet over the past two days.

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New pics uploaded. It’s not brown from the inside. It’s almost like it starts from the ends? This is an organic grow with dr earth supplements in ffof soil. I added 4-4-4/3-9-4 mixed 50/50 at the beginning of flower. I also just added more 3-9-4 last week.

Sure it’s not just color? Get a zoomed in picture of it. Like you were trying to see trichomes.

Cuz it looks like a m’aafkn slug… which would tear through a plant.

That is 100percent a slug lol Good eyes man

I always look for pests on peoples pics …I can’t even help myself

That’s just two hairs

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Lol my god I was sure it was a slug !!

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