Bubbelicious 4x4 Scrog started Aug 1

The biggest ones is now 8" tall. I got the stuff to build a Scrog. I asked the guy at the store to cut me 8 4’ pieces of PVC and I got 12 pieces and 9 different lengths but I can make it work :hammer_and_wrench:


Got the Scrog built. Moving the ac unit and turning on the MPS bulb today.

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I have both so I will veg with MPS until about a week before changing to 12/12. Then I will put in the HPS and veg one more week before budding. Veg likes the blue MPH better.

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You can go HPS full time but I think this way is recommended.

Hehe I just saw what you saw. MH is right, I am a bit fuzzy today.

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Second water still half strength. Time to top them.


The full setup. They all got their first trim :scissors:


They handled the trim well.


Sorry @Stomper there are a few LED threads going and when using my tablet to read the forum I dont see the heading unless I scroll up and I thought it was the other thread

Top setup

Day 29 - looking good.


Hey Stomper, your plants look great! I have 5, four day old WW babies that I hope to do something like you are doing. It will help to watch your grow for sure! Later, Mike

Day 33 - They are getting close to the net. Two got fimed and have three top branches. One is showing weird growth I am looking into. Seems early to show hermie, but I think that’s what it is.


Hey man, I have had this same thing happen to a couple of Jack Herer I had. I thought it was weird, but they finished fine. I thought humans have defects, why not plants?lol. Mike

Cool. I got my eye on her tho and I ain’t afraid to wack her if she tries to play for the other side. :eye:


Do you just pet the fillets in the foil with butter. I tried the whole fish, just gutted , on the grill and it taste like i was makin out with a Salamander. I will have to try it like u mentioned ,

I have done that twice recently. Done some work in there or taking pics so i turn off the LEDS and turn on the ceiling lights and totally forget cuz they are 12’ above . I have a security camera mthays hooked to a tv in my living room and i could see a little glow of light oeakin around the door jamb. Then yesterday i found my lights never came on cuz i was trying to hook up a new circuit in there branching from the fuse box and i hit the button on my timer that cancels the program. So it stayed off 6 hrs extra.So i turned in on and i slept late the next morning and forgot to check them so they stayed on an extra 5 hrs lol im not responsible enough to grow plants (bottom lip petruding now)

What is the product name for the Dyna flower nute you tried last time

::pushes Stomper lip back in::

It’s all good. Hell, if you were perfect, we’d have to kill you!:smiling_imp: