Bubbelicious 4x4 Scrog started Aug 1

Ok, here we go again. This would have been WW but I killed all my seeds because I have ADHD and no patience. But I did get some nice Bubbelicious baby’s started so I am going to do my first Scrog with them.

I started them using a paper towel damp but not soaked in a ziplock bag on Aug 1. The seeds cracked in about 24 hours. I left the ziplock opened at the end.

I planted the seedlings with an 1/8" tail in Fox Farm Happy Frog in 1gal pots. I dampened the soil real well then just used a spray bottle till they had three fingered leaves. Now I water when the pot lift says to.

I have not given them any food yet but will start this week. I intend to use Dyna Grow veggie food since its in my budget range. I liked how their flowering food worked.

I already super cropped the main stems on these and they have the fattest stalks I have ever grown for this age plant already. I was very gentle and stopped at the first pop so they might even do with a firmer pinch later. The plants in the pic are 3-4" tall and producing side branches already without topping.

I have 72" height to play with. How tall off the floor do you think I should set the Scrog. I am going to use garden netting with a 2x2 grid for it.

Note to self: cat doesn’t know how to prune right.


Nice looking plants, look forward to your progress, happy growings my friend, you’ll get it sooner or later…the more you do it the more your patience will grow.

Set the scrog about 12"-18" from the floor

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I may have to figger out how to have it a bit higher off the ground. I only got one leg, the other is titanium and carbon fiber so it’s hard to do stuff below my waist level. Not sure how I will reach the back corner, maybe I build a leaning rail.


Or to make it a lil easier you can set the scrog up 36"-42" from the ground so there is minimal leaning, and I noticed I just ran across an old post with the 30lb blue channel catfish you caught about 30 minutes ago, nice fish.

Just an idea trying to help save money, or hedge trimming shears that give you the reach lol


I caught 5 of those cats that summer. It was fun.

I will be using 15" tall 5 gal pots so you think maybe 30" would be good or too high? This strain will stretch about 10" minimum in flower.


30" would probably be a good height for them, does it seem like it’d be about right in the space they are in, that would leave 42" to grow above scrog so seems like it’d work out at that height, if they stretch 10" minimal than 30" would be a great height because off the back it will leave 32" left (depending on size when flowered of course )

And that’s a good catch, you eat catfish, they are pretty good grilled in foil with butter…mmmm lol


This will be what I feed them:

I went in this morning and one was drooping and starting to wither. All the rest were fine. I went thru all the things in my brain like nute deficiency, bugs, the cat, then I looked up and realized I left my work light (spotlight in a reflector) on and it was pointing right at it and dried it up. Added water and it perked right back up. So lesson: look for the simple things first, don’t overthink a problem. And turn off the stupid light.


I am using my LEDs like they were a t5. Got em about 10" from the plants. I live in a 14’x74’ manufactured home they faced due north and south so it can get as hot as a semi trailer in a parking lot without the ac. When it cools enough to use fans I will move the ac unit in there and transplant to 5gal. The light they will grow under will be a 600 w HPS.

I plan to get some of the Mars 300s down the road because I can’t use the HPS from June to September and it will be less expensive to get the LEDs than a second ac and use less power.

I ph’d the water with half strength food 1/4 tsp to 1 gal and it is about 6.5


how about a cob based LED
you could use a 2 cob setup and it would cost about 200usd with non solder connectors
king bright is selling them at 40.6 per kit led heat sink and all fittings
you just need to add a power supply and some wire
I am setting up 5 cobs on a 1.2m by 65cm space but that is over kill you dont need that many
This setup only cost me 406 landed at my door
is equivlent to about 800-1200 ish hps and runs on a 1/4 of the power


You should post a pic of that. I am not familiar with that yet.


when it arrives next week i will.
Normal LEDs run about 45% efficiency and 55% heat these run 65% efficiency and 35% heat
Same power more light less heat.
I did alot of research and a friend is looking at importing parts to make a kit to sell.
These setups seem to be the best price verses light output.
And spreading the light over 4 or 5 points in a grow room means you have less shadowed areas on the plants


Just ordered some WW and Jack Herrer for my next grow.:metal:


I would not buy from ebay or amazon you dont know what you will get and there are alot of cheap copy cobs around.
buy from the suppliers if you are really interested I can help you order some from the right places.
If you want to wait my friend is going to be selling kits and this is why I am ordering so many atm to pick out what he will be selling.
I thing I like is being able to match you grow area with light size and shape as well as making the light dimmable 10%-100%.
That Mau5grow has been helping me get started he is a top bloke and if you watch his vids he has a 7 part starters help video.
I buy direct from China via my friends accounts.


the cxb3590 are the newest chip, the older ones are good too and much cheaper.


Ok look up KingBrite on alibaba
They are a good place to start looking for parts and if you are new to electronics they are very helpful too.
You could use 3 or 4 50w cobs ether way I would get a LGSU250-1400D to power the setup this will do upto 5 cobs and is dimable it is over kill but I like to have room to expand.

CXB3590 (or your choice )
thermal tape or a tube of paste + Ideal 50-2303CR (LED mount)+ Ideal 50-2300AN (reflector mount) + Reflector KB-D82-90RF (cheapest one 90deg)
Pre drilled Heatsink: Φ133mm
H70mm(for 50-65W per cob is a good start or you can go with a fan cooled up to you)

lol I made this easy

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I would get a 80cm sheet of alloy checker plate to mount this all to and cut holes for the lights or just use 80cm angle alloy

I think this light discussion may be a bit too much for a beginner grow journal. I would like to see where it goes tho. Do you think we can move it to its own thread?