Stomper Scrog - Attack of the Clones

It’s the clones I’m having trouble with ,I’m on my 2nd grow now,I tried to twice on my first grow wwith a certain level of success ,

they both survived for 12-14 days but died of stem rot, this is my 3rd attempt and these were taken 20th of may, @Stomper , I’m on disability and limited income to so that’s why I really want to be able to get this, so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated


Omg Stomper, that is one hell of a grow you got there, I’m farkin impressed!! Don’t know anything about cloning yet, but I want that!:grin:


I would take the bottom leaves off the clones. The don’t have roots yet to support a lot of greenery.

I tend to make more clones than I will need in case any die. Thing I get in trouble with is when none do. I ended up with 14 foot- tall plants vegging in a 30" square tent. If they are not prepared right, have too much vegetation on them or stay in the water solution too long they can rot. Grabbing the stem even gently can rip the roots from the plug.

If yer having trouble try picking stalks about 1/8" thickish and only leave the top leaves. I use a 1/4 strength Grow nutes in the water, if the tip burn, replace the water with pure phd water. You can clip half the top leaves off too.

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Thanks. My grows are so simple anyone can achieve these results. Once you get this part down you can pick up new techniques like hydro while being assured you won’t have to buy smoke if you have a learning curve.

Later you can try to compete with the likes of @latewood @peachfuzz and @garrigan62


I can’t come close to those guys!! Give yourself some credit Stomper. Your plants look great and hopefully I’ll have that confidence soon, just like you :smiley: Don’t know what you mean but anything you can tell me is greatly appreciated.


Here are links to my other scrogs. The first is the setup one. My first Grow I bought clones and killed them all. Second Grow I barely got 3 oz from 9 plants. Then I started listening to the guys here and this is the result…


Well that’s impressive still Stomper. Scrog image wouldn’t come up but what I saw in your journal was fantastic. I simply dropped my seed into soil and watered it and kept it warm and it popped 4 days later on Easter, hence the name Easter Babies, one of the guys called them that and it stuck. Big Bud didn’t pop so I tried another seed on 4/23 and it popped on 4 days later, now it’s one of the biggest. I’m sticking with it until I drop at night cause I really want my own!!

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Thanks @Stomper , I can’t take a lot of clones as it’s illegal here and if I was to end up getting arrested then,each cutting rooted or not is classed as a plant and I just can’t put myself in that situation, that’s why it’s 2 at a time,I’m in the UK and I have emphysema quite bad, plus seizures because of the tramadol I’m on for the pain, so I want to do it as medication, I’ve been doing cannabis capsules with @Willd and about 4 others on here and I’m on a limited income to and I’m 49

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So can you tell me when I should look at transplanting them into their big pots and into the grow room under lights

As soon as you have some roots showing thru the plug you can plant them. I use pallet knives (cuz I got a couple hundred of em) to lift the plug from my rooting tray.

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Thanks @Stomper , I’ll wait till tomorrow before I have another look,fingers crossed for me this time, so how long have you been growing

I use a cloning box I got at my local hydro store. I can make up to 50 at a time if I want so I make a few extras in case of death or to see how far I can push it for bigger clones.

They won’t all make it but I only need 6 for the next Grow.

Here’s the Scrog today…


So, I have gotten to the point where I stopped putting a calendar on my grows. I would have to look at my last Grow to see when I started these clones. I think that was about the end of December. I will have to keep better track :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Girls are showing off this morning. Just like kids, they grow up then they get chunky they they grow up again…


Looking really good buddy


Looking good Bro!
And fresh out of likes again. :heart:


Looking great brother like what I’m seeing :+1::sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face:

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No roots on the clones yet. Been seven days. One died right off the bat the rest are still looking viable. Gonna end up with 13 if they all make it.


Great looking grow @Stomper happy tent!

As usual, outta likes :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Getting filled in quick …

Clones are still makin roots (I hope). Not dyin sooo…