Hogbuds Trolley Scrogs

OK! So, this is my first attempt at a SCROG grow. Each frame size is 1800mm x 700mm ( 70" x 27.5" ) I made the decision to put them on wheels for easier access …One scrog has 3 x Guerilla Glue fems ( from seed and topped ) each growing in 20 litre square pots loaded with 70/30 coco/perlite mix. The upper outer mid section of the medium is a 50/50 wood chip, and the same 70/30 coco/perlite mix I pack around the root ball when moving to larger pots.
The 2nd trolley are from the same G/G fem seed pack ( topped ) but growing medium is 70/30 soil/perlite and with the outer upper mid section with a 50/50 woodchip & 70/30 soil/coco mix.

Image below was taken on 16 June.
(at this point, the left trolley are the ones in soil )

This was taken this morning June 30. The girls are on day 3 of 12/12 light cycle. Still a bit of stretching, tucking and plucking to do… the trolleys had been swapped around to now the coco girls are on the left.

The string squares are 3" square ( I used an imperial rule to mark the frame lol )

I am running 3 x Indorsun LED 220W ( with far red on ) but will add a 4th to the mix but its currently being used in the veg room for now as I need to buy a cheaper led light to replace it.
Room temp is at 23degC (73.4F) and RH @ 55 ( running aircon and dehumidifier 24hrs to maintain these conditions)

Below is the under canopy view, going to get my hack on this afternoon and give them a trim down below, and the under canopy fan has died so ill have to add that to my shopping list.

I noticed this mutant leaf on the GG1 Coco plant, looks like a double decker ? Not sure of what to make of it or name it? Has anyone seen this type of thing before?


Looking good Brother I’ll follow along if you don’t mind :sunglasses:


welcome spankyjr1


Your got a nice clean space. Your plants look like they are loving life too lol. Well done :pray::cowboy_hat_face:

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Nice work. your nets are very good


Set to follow, nice grow clean and organized, These plants are ready for lift off!


Looking good my friend.


Nice setup, will be a great bud factory.

Yep, I’ve seen all kinds of mutations, some good, some not so good. I’ve had plants that do that and even grow a bud at that location on the leaf. No worries.


Thanks Hellraiser, Good to know it could be a good thing! I had cloned the tops from each of those GG in the SCROG s and just noticed that two of the clones have the same mutated feature. I’ll have to have a closer look at the other plants to see which one is carrying that same trait for reference sake. Will check tomorrow morning once their sun rises…


Below is one of GG clones displaying the same mutation as its mother. When I cut the tops, I forgot to number them according to their mothers…


I do that all the time lol but I’m a pothead growing pit. Of course we’re gonna forget stuff lol.


haha, i mark everything immediately now…


Well, today I will be receiving some grow room goodies. Purchased a roll of Mylar reflective sheeting for the walls. ( my girlfriend is gonna freak lol ) and 4 x 28W LED 5ft tubes to use in the veg room. The last light I made works just fine for seedlings, clones, vegging and mother plants.
Hope I have enough time to get all this done and still build a 3rd scrog trolley to flower the 5 x Banana Monkey girls I have been prepping for the net. Will roll them into the flower room alongside the Guerilla girls hopefully by Monday.
I also have 5 Autos going in the veg room in 10liter bags in coco, under a 600W HPS. 2 x Zkittly Zi Zi ( Skittles ) and 3 x Gelato Samba. Pic below.


Day 7 into flower and it seems the coco girls on the left have filled out nicely. The soil girls on the right are a bit behind but I could have done a better job of branch distribution earlier on…

Still another week and a bit left to tuck and fill the gaps. I added the 4th 220W LED light to the mix

Was hoping to do the walls with the reflective sheeting this weekend but ran outa time.


This morning I had to sneak into the flower room to grab some nutes from the cupboard and to my horror found out that the lights were on an hour before they should be !
It seems the timer had bombed out so now I am wondering how long 2 of the lights have been on for 24 hours?
I guess I may have to start counting from day 1 again or what??


Oh no! 24hr cycle when they should be 12/12???

Yeah, one timer was obviously faulty. Have 2 lights per timer.However, this morning I noticed white pistils so I’m hoping maybe the timer was functioning intermittently to trigger flowering🤷‍♂️


Terrible image, sideways and blurred but the pistils are there. Did the reflective foil thing around the nets and added some mirrors under the canopy that I had lying around from “lockdown projects”.