Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff

They help keep the plants out of runoff water and if 1 plant is shorter than rest of canopy you can use it to stack it a lil higher, or just some books. Helps air go under the plant pot too to avoid anything growing down there. Before I got risers my fabric pots would stick to the plastic dishes and be wet days after watering and drying. If you go to a local hydroponic shop they’re usually pretty cheap


I use these:

sitting on these:

Yes I think they are necessary for the way I water (always lots of runoff) and the nutes I use (chemical salts). Keeps the grow bags out of the runoff so it does not reabsorb any of it (to avoid nute and salt buildup) and allows the bottom of the grow bags to dry to promote air-pruning of the roots.


Wish I would have seen this earlier… I have a dozen of those risers at $13 each…

Looked at every hydro/garden center in the area for them

The saucers I paid $7 each


Bookmarked for racks/drain pans

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I use the same as Hellraiser. BG Hydro dot com. Best prices on trays, risers and fabric bags.


10 mins

Hogbud’s G/Glue trolley Scrogs. soil vs coco

Hi, wasn’t too sure who tag or who would be interested in my grow. Anyone is welcome to ride along to advise criticize or comment along the way :wink:


Im an avid reader here myself. Good reads throughout.


You’ve seen my pvc rack/risers I think.

I will use with fabric pots.


Hey @Hellraiser I was wondering if you think this plant is doing okay. The heatwave that rolled through for a few days raised temps to almost 97 in the tent and I noticed the leaves on this plant started curling up and drying, I believe it’s because I wasn’t able to water it one night and had to put it off till morning so the plant got very dehydrated. Do you think she’s still kickin around or is she dead and just drying out now? Thanks :slight_smile:


Looks like she’s still kicking, just doing some self defoliation, she doesn’t need those fan leaves at this point being close to harvest, think she’ll be fine.

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Thanks very much! She was the only plant I saw doing this, only other time I saw the leaves curling on one was from a branch that broke off the one that had stem split in the middle :sweat_smile:

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That’s a cool idea from a DIY point of view. I’ve checked online prices for the risers and saucers but found the shipping to be almost the same as the product. Anyway I like to build things for my grows and been thinking about making something like your design.

Question is where did you source the plastic/vinyl to make the racks?


I am a custom carpenter and we use it on most projects, being in such a salty environment. Always have scrap left over. Comes from our local lumber yards. Lowes and HD also carry it.

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I need to make a plan for my 5 Autos in 10liter bags. The previous grow I did in 20liter bags, I had on an old steel balustrade frame so the run off could just drip on the floor then mop it up afterwards. I have evolved since . . .


Fantastic. Thank you!

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Cool. Got both places you stated in my neck of the woods. Will check them out. Thanks for sharing!

Peace :v:

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Hey I got some close up pics of plants and saw some pretty dark triches. Mostly on leaves but some near calyx if I’m not mistaken. Do you think I should start the flush or wait the last week? I do prefer Indica couch lock but would like variety in the weed :slight_smile:

[Processing: 20210703_141820.jpg…](

Sorry for the wall of pics! Feel free to remove the post of it’s too big


Also did I fry this one with nutes or is it just the change from no nitrogen? Cause I noticed the leaves really curled up and changed color right after I watered…


Looking good @RuskiWeed nice!!!

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IMO (don’t take too much stock in it lol). Looks like you’re near the end based on all your pictures. My last 3 grows all started to look like that towards the end. I saw nice cloudy trichomes and a fair amount of amber. I’d say, you have maybe a week left, but it wouldn’t change much if you harvested. I’d let it go 48 hours darkness to get those terps steady for the harvest. Good job, they look good. Tell us how they smoke in a month or so.

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