When and how to transplant? take 2

Hey guys I’m back you guys really helped me in my last thread, my seedlings are looking pretty good and I’ve got a pretty good rhythm going with watering and leaving it alone. However I wanna know what else I should be looking out for and more specifically when and how to transplant them. Here is where they’re at now:

They sprouted 7 days ago. I’m a complete beginner and this is my first grow, can someone lead me through it step by step? That would be amazing.

Also, I only plan on keeping 1 of these plants, so i have room for error if I mess up. Just wanna be prepared beforehand.

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read Hellraiser gorilla glue and other things thread

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I have seen it but can you show me the part where he transplants? It’s a pretty long thread.

Also does anyone have any feedback on my plants

I follow Hellraiser guide, you got some time before transplant. Typically 21 days after they sprouted.

You can use the banana peel method to transplant.

Are you growing autos or photos? @Zee to tag me.


I actually have been following his guide on my 2nd batch of grows (3 plants, just planted the seeds yesterday, in a separate tent) and I plan on following it throughout the entire grow, with exceptions such as using shitty blurple LED grow lights like he said not to because it’s all I got.

I think I’ll wait about 3 weeks from when they sprouted to transplant because they seem to be growing way slower than his did (his plants has 2 pairs of beautiful leaves on day 5, mine barely started the 2nd pair of leaves and we’re on day 8).

I am using regular feminized seeds. I regret not getting autos because I don’t have much space to work with and I don’t want a lot of plants, plus I’m a beginner who would prefer a faster grow. But I’m just gonna start flowering these very quickly so I don’t run out of space. @Zee

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