Bubba Kush autoflower plants flowering too early and look odd

From a fellow grower: Bubba Kush autoflower plants are looking different and flowering randomly, one is in full flower after 3 weeks the other is starting to flower in week 3.

this first plant I’m gonna show you is starting it 4th week this Saturday…you’ll see it’s obviously fully into flowering and I tried to show you her height which is right around 13-14 inches tall. Hopefully you can see that she showed her sex on node 3 which is early. Also for some reason random leaf tip burn is happening before the leaf is even unfolded. And the second plant is entering her 5th week on Saturday…structurally speaking she’s the complete opposite of her sis…tall skinny lanky and thin. To me she looks much more like a sativa strain not an indica strain. I did prune her first node off but you’ll see again she showed her sex on the 4th node.

Plant 1

Plant 2


Normal operation at the time of inspection

Autos can start flowering from week 3 and sometimes go as long as 8 weeks. The node spacing looks like the lighting is inadequate :love_you_gesture:


To the opening poster I want to say your message is a well written explanation and very clearly stated.
What you are experiencing is a very common topic we see here almost every day. Cannabis grown from seed can show a very wide variety of leaf shapes, timing (for autoflower varieties), color variations and rate of growth. The aspect breeders are trying to stabilize is the effects we feel when smoked. So Blue Dream will feel like Blue Dream and Bubba Kush will feel like Bubba Kush. Two plants may look different but I look different than my brother even though we have the same parents. We do act alike though. Lol
The only way to get plants exactly alike is to clone them. And autoflowers can not be cloned.
Now your plants look very good. Even though they start flowering early sometimes. they will begin an explosive growth period and get a lot larger. Keep tending them as you have. If you desire more consistent results you might consider Photo Period plants which many of us discovered are easier than Autos.
Leaf shape for Sativas vs Indicas is not really an indicator of genetics. Cross Breeding of strains and generations of growing have mixed up those traits and they present randomly in modern cannabis.


Since autos are not controlled by light you just plant them and hang on for the ride. These ladies are all over the map. From shorties with a hair trigger to months of waiting for pistols and finally having to force a flip with a light reduction down to 12. Enjoy the experience!! Good growing!!

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