My Bubba kush grow question

Hi all,
I have been reading for sometime, and finally I have a question! I will fill out the ticket and hopefully get some good answers. My “problem” is that it looks like my beautiful Bubba’s are starting to flower I will attach pictures if i can figure out how to.
Strain: f bubba kush
Soil, ffof
Ph 6.2 controlled by white vinegar or fert
Nute strength: ff grow big 1/4 strength
Indoors for now, intended for out
Lights 18/6 2 4’ flour tubes
Temps 68-78
Humidity floats between 38-50% nothing fancy
Vents , fan, and curtin manipulation
No ac no co2
I am entering my six week of veg, and I am considering pinching them and cloning the tops. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.

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this is the other. They are about 8 inches tall maybe nine. And they have five or six full nodes.

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And perhaps the last pertinent piece of information is, I am in New England, Massachusetts, yay, and I can’t put them out for about a month

They do look like they are starting to flower.

Do you know if this is an auto flower strain?

Thanks for the reply, it was not! I got the seeds right here from Robert. Feminized Bubba

That’s strange. In your support ticket you noted you have the light cycle as 18/6 so I wouldn’t think they would be showing that much sign of flowering this early on.

The first pic to me looks like it started to flower. The 2nd pic looks like just the preflowers.

I don’t have any experience with this strain so maybe it is a trait of the bubba kush.

Maybe someone with experience with this strain can give you more insight. I would think 6 weeks into Veg at 18/6 would have signs of preflower but not full flower. Unless of course the light cycle was switched down to 12/12 but I doubt that is the case.

hopefuly someone with more knowledge chimes in to help you out.

Sorry, they are two different plants. both Bubba.
I am confident about the lights. I have them on a timer and they have been consistent since sprouting.
I think an auto flower switcherooni got in there.
And, these were NOT from Robert. They were from another co, and I called, and they will be replaced, so now I have a wonderful experiment.
I will learn something, besides where to purchase seeds!

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I was wondering? Glad you clarified that you did not get those from ilgm

Absolutely! .
Just as soon as I realized my mistake…The beautiful Black Indica is from ILGM!

Hey. Where do you buy bubba seeds ? Who Robert?

ILoveGrowingMarijuana,brought to us by, Robert Bergman…
as to where, due diligence…google it! Where can I purchase…It was out of Canada.
Not to be evasive, but I wouldn’t want to advertise them here, especially since I didn’t get what I originally ordered…
the clue however is,
maybe not…

; )

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So how about an update? Here we are just about eight weeks later…

A good surprise. And since we are so soggy and cold, something to do while I wait.