Bruce Banner Auto Help

Bruce Banner 6th week of flower
Temp 72f
Humidity 45%
Advanced nutrients Sensi bloom A+B
I started flushing 4 or 5 days ago and since she has started to turn color and the tips curling upward mostly all at the top of the plant. Can anyone help me out with this issue? Please?

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What was the PH of the water you flushed with? Looks locked out, the top leaves get the most light so they go downhill first. Didnt provide much info, but with what you provided i think its PH, or you drowned them and they are overwatered. I use the Advanced Grand Master kit. Never flush, but i grow in hydro.

Thanks for the reply! I flushed with distilled water that had a ph of about 6.0-6.2. I use strips so I don’t get the most accurate reading. I have used distilled water throughout the entire run but I actually flushed with a different brand then I normally use.

She could just be finishing up. You flushed out all of her available nutes so she’s probably just transferring available energy from the leaves to fatten up her buds. She looks pretty close to done.

It’s just got me worried because she is one of 5 plants I did this to and she definitely took it the hardest. She was also the very last out of the 5 to go into flower, she’s in all actuality now that I think about it in her 5th week. I bet she’s hungry lol

Just started four Banners. I hope mine turn out as good as yours. The curly leaves don’t matter much if you’re yank them any day. Your gonna trim them off anyway. Isn’t some stress good for them anyway?

Late bloomer coulda needed another feeding if she’s lagging