Beginner Bruce Banner Autoflower grow

pH of the tapwater before mixing the dirt is 7.3

Bruce Banner Autoflower seeds indoor grow in 5 gallon buckets, germinated in paper towels
Viparspectra xs2000 lights (two)
Fox Farm layered soil, bottom 1/3 Ocean Forest, 1/3 OC mixed with a little Peat Moss TOP 1/3 Happy Frog
Temp Avg 72 Humdity 50 % average

waiting on tails to pop to go directly into 5 gals


Looks like nice space to grow in, good luck!


dbrn32 Thank you. Seeds into dirt today, 2 sprouted with tails 2 seeds didn’t crack yet.

2 lights set at 50 % 30" inches above dirt. as per rec of the light manufacturer giving DLI at 20 with photone app, set with diffuser on Iphone.
two more seeds into paper towels in case the first two uncracked, are duds. Going to try keeping the humidity up above 75 for the first 2 weeks, if not going to use the jar method for moisture.

Any criticism constructive or otherwise always welcome. This is my first time as an indoor farmer.


I don’t know if you have ph down but if so I’d try to get that water ph down to 6 ~6.5

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Good luck will be watching, 1thing I see, put your thermometer by ur plants, like on the top of ur buckets, temp and humidity under light different then room, and start thinking about where to put some fans, u want some airflow to help strengthen your plants. Good luck, keep posting, have had some ph issues my self, have a thread going, nute deff lock out flush , learn from my mistakes good luck

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Kingkupa Thank you…

I have 3 fans in the room, one pointed at the top of the lights and 2 in the corners on the shelf. I also have a “cobbed” input to the closet directly from the house central AC unit. Hope I can keep the temp pretty well controlled in there. I have an inline exhaust fan that can go directly into the attic if I need to, both for temperature and odor control…

appreciate the support.

I’m going to mist with distilled water for now and investigate how to bring the pH more acidic without an hour drve to the garden store for pH down.


Holy cow U got this man that impressive, and ur right in with a mister spray bottle to get started. I think I can post Amazon link ?

the generic up down is what I see a lot people have if got that, if not Amazon might find at Walmart or try pet store the fish section.Like I said in other post got to week 5 ish with no ph pen or ppm meter. Thought I was doing a good job with the color ph test but big difference between 6.2 and 6.8, it’s more $ but start saving

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This is my first plant to sprout. 7 days after start of paper towels. 2 broke ground, 2 are duds going to start another 2

Day 8 , lowered back lights to 22" went to 30 DLI brightness 18/6 no more bowls on 3 bigger plants, first water of grow, 1/2 cup right at the base of the stem. Plants are about 2 inches tall. Humidity 50% temp 72-78

anyone got any thoughts about watering? I was thinking a half gallon around the edges of the tub in 2 days then a thorough soaking in another 3-4 days, at day 15. Ph of 1/2 cup water each plant = 6.7

anything else? I think they are pretty vibrant and can almost see them grow. I’m liking these viparspectra xs2000 but I can already tell I’m going to want to get a BIG light for the middle of the room, next time.

Congrats man, looks great. I’m new so have no advice but good job so far. Will definitely be watching have Bruce banner autos and plan to do them next round. So show me how it’s done lol

9/20/2021 day 12 since seeds popped dirt. all but that last one, which was 8 days ago. Going well so far, I think. I like these Viparspectra lights,

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HOLY SHIT !!! I went away Wednesday morning after having watered my plants until they leaked… I came back today (monday) on the 5th day gone, left alone they did this !!!

So now, vol4life graysin kingkupta who else? I am about the same timeframe in my first ever grow as some of you and I want to tag a few people. I need to know what the heck to do now. These things are kicking ass.

What node am I on? what should I do for FIM, topping, stressing? I need help I think this time is crucial to my grow.
Any signs of sexing these plants yet??? HELP!!!

thanks all so much

@Graysin @dbrn32 @HMGRWN @VOL4LIFE

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I’d FIM her.

See the spot I circled? There should be signs of new leaves growing right there at the top. I’d spread those leaves I circled open and pinch off 60-70% of the new leaves inside her.

Others may have a different approach - that’s only what I would do, and not necessarily “the right way.”

As far as sex, no, it’s way too early to tell. I’d guess it’s a lady because it’s so short and squat, and the growth of the branches are more X shaped than Y shaped but that’s far from scientific. It also does not address possible hermaphroditism so don’t relax when you see pistils showing.

Next up, once you let her recover from the FIM or top, whichever you decide to do, I’d start a gentle LST to spread the two new main stalks apart.

You can see smack dab in the middle of my plant there’s the spot where I FIM’d her and she split off into 2 new branches.

Man, it’s embarrassing that my ugliest plant is the one I have the good demo photos for :joy:

PS- sorry, I’m all out of likes!


Almost looks like your lights may be a little too close.


Hey man big congrats seems like the girls are starting to grow up. Listen to others on topping and LST and stuff I’m new and still figuring it out myself. This is my first attempt on LST but did so defoliating the other day and I used wire pipe cleaners and spreaded them out so more

Yeah pic above not good but this is the after other day. I do a little bit if I can get more space between buds, again not very good pic sorry

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@dbrn32 are you saying that because of how short the plant is? When I bought the Bruce Banner Auto flower it said it was short and squat… anyone else grow BB out there? Thing is a EFFING TREE.

DB would you change anything right now? The lights are 20" off the top per the recommendations of VIPARSPECTRA which says 16-20 during vegetative, full power 18/6. Would you make that more? that stalk is tough.

Anyone else have thoughts on fimming? or Bending the plant sideways? I will do anything to this plant it seems like it would be really tough to kill…

I said your light seems close because it’s short plant with nodes basically stacked on top of each other.


That’s y this place is awesome I think I did the same thing he is doing had my lights to close from the beginning, or just turned on to high cause my guys look about the same , short and stumpy but then 1 grew other 2 said short and bushy

Watered 2 quarts plus a little, to small runoff. FIM’s eeenie and meanie just now. will FIM miney and moe in a few days.