Bruce Banner Auto Short and Bushy

Wanted to gut check where I am here. I haven’t had any luck with the batch of Bruce Banner Autos I bought from ILGM. I had some never pop and two stunted duds. This is my first one with progress but it hasn’t stretched much at all. Seedling planted on December 6th. Using fox farm, ff nutes. I’ve also heard them being short. I did have a big of transplant shock for a few days and I did Fim her which added some nice center colas.


I’m also a first time grower so not sure what I’m fully doing yet. Appreciate any advice!


Welcoming to the neighborhood :blush::v:


Once the seeds germinate they are in your hands to help thrive, and they should. Some are definitely a little more finicky than others though. I would reach out to customer service on seed shop page about the ones that didn’t germinate.

Fim is going to facilitate the short amd bushy growth. I think your plants look good but agree would like to see a little more vertical growth and some air through the plant. You can try raising your light some to see if it helps.


Nice to meet you @Doublet. I love your other plants. Way to make use of the grow space. The cannabis looks nice too.

Is that a styrofoam bed you are growing in? Looks like a nice reuse. How’s the drainage?

Maybe next grow (humble suggestion) leave the bed the same. Put the cannabis in a 1-2 gallon grow bag and just let it grow thru the bottom. Just rest it on top and it will take off thru the bag. You could make a couple small slits with a razor in the bottom of the bag to ensure good root penetration. I bet that extra gallon of soil would really add to the growth.

Welcome @Doublet

I grow a lot of short bushy autos and they turn out fine… just more difficult to LST.

I raise the light just a little to get a little more stretch if I want it.

Good luck and you are in the right place.


Thanks everyone for the welcome and feedback.

As of yesterday I think she’s in preflower if I’m not mistaken? Latest pics are below. In terms of the planter @noddykitty1 i like that idea as well. It’s an incredible plater it’s just my first time trying to use it for cannabis. The company is called glow pear Urban Garden Planter Box - Modern Planters for a Stylish Garden Design – Glowpearinternational it’s nice bc it self waters and has ability to hook into irrigation too. I wanted to add some companion plants that would help with bugs and smell. It’s lavender, sage, eucalyptus, and mint.

Should I defoliate at this point?


Welcome and great looking plant! Fimming will promote a shorter bushier plant, but you can try raising up the lights some. Should stretch in flower and become a real nice looking plant.
Cool planter too :call_me_hand:t3:

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Welcome! Yeah My Bruce B`s were very different phenos …But they were smaller then the other strains and bushy too…Yeah your plant does look a tad bit smaller then should be but take it as a learning experience and keep her going…One of my Bruces was very purple the other just a little@

What strain is that Bruce? Looking good and very purpleeee !

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I love NK1’s good advice.


The purpley one is Blueberry.

Newb here.

Am I right that she’s flowering now?


Yep, but only you can confirm. Is this a new growth pattern? Different than what it’s been doing? Is this a auto? If yes then yes you are preflower

Yep definitely a new growing pattern, white hairs showing, and it’s an auto.


Yes you’re flowering. Start counting weeks and switch to the flower schedule

Very exciting! She’s definitely growing faster. You can even see the buds starting to form. I’ll keep this thread going with my progress and update next week.



Definitely an exciting time! This is when the fun starts!
Keep us posted.

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@Doublet this BB is looking great. Ive had tons of success growing ILGM BB Autos. They tend to be very short and extremely bushy. They absolutely love LST training, and will easily double or triple your yield if applied to them. Please feel free to ask anything you want to know about LST if youre interested. It will help keep your canopy even and spread out allowing your light to get more work in, producing fatter healthier buds. As well it helps prevent poor air circulation.

Either way, Happy Growing Growmie

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I’m about 5 weeks behind you