BobDigi’s first harvest results

Strain: white widow fem
Seed to weed time: 122 days

This was an absolute blast. I got lucky and had very little issues with my first grow. A lot of that was due to the massive reading I did on this site ( a good 3 months of reading before joining). The other reason was a great writeup from an old member on this site @jasong. I emulated this grow and had very similar results.

White Widow Cannabis Strain Information and Review

On to harvest day

It wasn’t until I set her on my table in my garage that I realized the amount of work that was about to take place

A few hours in

8.5 hours, 10 or 15 beers, 10 pairs of gloves and 3 bandaids (careful with those fiskars) in

My first skeleton

Had about 8 buds this size. Plant was topped and scrogged so no main cola

And the wet weigh-in for a total of 529.7g plus 35g trim and larf.

Drying required the biggest learning curve for me. This requires more experience, I think, than the rest of the grow. But now they are in their jars sitting comfortably at 60-65% without any assistance (boveda).

Final weigh-in

This grow was done most of the way with a viparspectra 300 which actually drew 122w from the wall and finished off her last 4 weeks on the qb 136 set to 115w. So right at or above 1g/w. I went in hoping I’d get at least 1oz and walked out with more than 4x that.

I will journal my next grow (as with learning to grow properly there is also learning to journal properly) as I have seen how y’all’s journals help as your journals have helped me tremendously. Love you ILGM forums

sneak peak
Amnesia Haze


Wow really nice work. Love the trim job. Congratulations on a fine grow!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:

I picked up a bowl trimmer. Hand trimming is a PITA. I only grow for personal use and occasional gift to friends. I still hand trim some of the finer buds, but I am pressing rosin more often so super clean trim not a big deal.


I have a bowl trimmer on the way, lol. Gotta go bigger and better for this next grow and I’m not doing that again


What kind and size trimmer are you getting. I want one too! :v::call_me_hand:


You might need a 48 inch trimmer for your buds, lol

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Thanks brother :sunglasses:
I know I’m gonna be a trimming fool in a few days. :v::call_me_hand:

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Nicely done. WW is a great strain.


I have the 19" but essentially the same. Love my trimmer! I have found it is smart not to over fill it. Put in a reasonable amount at a time and it works better/faster than cramming too much in at once. Will give you excellent shake for edibles or blunts. :slight_smile:


I’ll put in one bud at a time if it saves me from a full shift of cutting weed “hair”.


how the heck do those work?lol

Put the bud in the bowl, turn the crank and add hours back onto your life.


There are vids of them in use but not sure if I can post those here

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Lol ill see if there are videos. I guess its more sand the floor then trimming bansai trees?

It’s got a blade underneath the grill that cuts of the excess. Think of it like an upside down lawnmower.


congrats Bobby,
Very nice harvest.!!!
awesome looking buds.!!

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Thanks SOG, your flood to drought posts really helped my watering habits.


initial smoke report.?

I could get stoned off the fan leaves. I rarely smoke. My wife is who this bud is for and she’s been enjoying the smoke since week 6 of flower. She’s a new smoker so she’d probably be happy with brick weed. The real smoke report will come from my buddy that goes through a few oz a month. But he’s not getting any until it’s cured.


I hear you on trimming. I’m on my third plant harvested this week, with another to go. I have dreams I’m trimming and trimming and trimming. That 19" bowl trimmer is right up on my list with a good dehumidifier.