What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?

Gives us your wet (at harvest ) weight and your dry weight (before curing)

A pic of wet and dry is ok too!

Thanks for your input!


Perfect timing give me 2-3 days

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I’ll be dropping some numbers in here soon. Harvested a few more Cali dreams last night and will be harvesting 2 clones this evening. @bob31 Thanks for starting the topic bob.

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You can post the harvest you just posted over in the garden @DoomSack

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@bob31 Can do, give me about 30 mins or so, getting my morning stuff done and will head back to barn and open up my moleskin and drop some numbers and pics into the new thread.

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Nice @bob31
Soon I will put my numbers here :slight_smile:
Also I tag @WillyJ @Nug-bug @Countryboyjvd1971 @Smokin_ernie @Screwauger @Rugar89 maybe them will share the numbers to.


It’ll be bout 2 more weeks b4 harvest so 3 to a month I’ll let ya know , you know if I don’t Microwave it all up


hahaha @Nug-bug I gotcha!

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Oh man I am close. I was going to cut down my lowryder tonight but still not seeing any amber trichomes. All milky. I give it a day or so and see what happens.


Ok things got busy around the house, Labor Day sweating :sweat_smile: and chores. I will get my data on here asap. Shooting for sometime today.


@TheDuke can you post here the weight of your harvest, before and after drying?


@M4ur sorry didn’t weigh when wet, given the rot issue it was all a rush. I took the he top 6-8" off the top of the plant, chucked one of the bigger buds in the bin (rot), rest looked OK, I dried it very fast, and probably too much tbh, but the dried weight is 1.41 ounce. Probably another ounce on the lower plant still to come.

This was a two plant grow, not one. Under very subpar lighting. Lessons have been learned. And yields small.

In about two to three weeks I’ll be harvesting the rest, I’ll do a wet and dry weight post then.


I am in! I will be harvested in a couple weeks and would be happy to see how my results compare to other s
Good thinking, @bob31 !


So @bob31 if I post my wet harvest weight here, you are able to estimate the final product weight?


@Covertgrower if the numbers hold up you are going to end up with about 20 percent of the wet weight.


Wasn’t there a divide by 4.5 formula floating around too? :slight_smile:

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Here is the @Majiktoker weight calculator

calculate yield

Divide wet harvestby 4.2 or multiply goal by 4.2



Sour D weight of 122.8g + 132.6g add up 255.4g wet weight.
Dry weight was 52.6g and the measurement was taken on the 7th day of drying. My process of harvest involves trimming of the bulk non sugar leaves and then placing them into a bowl trimmer.

Drying process involves a mesh vegetable drying rack.


I had the bonsai plants, so not sure if it will help, but I had
Wet Dry
14g 4g
30g 8g

So 44g=12g. So mine was just about 3.7, (44/3.7 if that’s how you are doing the math) but I think the stems factored into that It looks like expecting about 20-25% should be the norm.

Edited: So they were dry enough to pill the lower flowers off, so I got rid of most of the stem. Final weight? I got an 8th and a 1/4 :wink:



255.4 wet weight

52.4 dry weight

4.8 is the number that works the closest in this instance 255.4 / 4.8 = 53.1

Let’s see what the next entry looks like. I have a small BBA to harvest. Was gonna do it tonight, but it has been raining all day and my grow is in a shed in backyard, so hoping for tomorrow morning!