White widow is she ready

Hi peeps. It’s hard to tell with this white Widow… everything has been white since day one … If anyone has some input I’d appreciate it. Went into flowering stage July 27… I do all organic. Been giving her molasses the last week. I harvest in a way I’ve never heard mentioned here. When I pull them up - I do so by the roots- then plunge the root ball into a bucket of hot hot water. Then hang to dry for a day or two. Then I’ll cut it up into buds and hang them. As they dry I mist them with a mix of High Proof Rum and Real Maple Syrup… can you tell if they are ready? Thanks all


11 weeks flower should have her there, but there’s still a good bit of white pistils. I think someone with a little more input will probably be along soon. Good luck and happy growing!!!


Good Afternoon @Nanny it looks like it’s not done yet but let’s ask some others. @MeEasy @oldmarine Can y’all help here? Thank You :blush: in advance.


u will need a jewlers loop or a USB microscope if you wanna know when they are done. Its the ONLY way to TRULY tell if they are done to your desired intoxication type

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I harvest at 8 weeks into flowering and later.

Tasty looking buds…

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Thank you all so much for your input. You’ve all been very helpful. I appreciate all your comments. I just hate to harvest at the wrong time… I’ve put a lot of work into these ladies… so you all have given me some insight … I’ll let you know how it turns out …

I have a jewelers loupe, it’s still hard to see because everything was white was from the beginning, but I am starting to see the cloudiness on some… So thank you for this it’s very helpful.


Not quite ready, but close.

Depends on how you like your stone.

Energetic buzz = sooner

Narcotic, sleepy high = later

Yeah, I thought the same - close… I kinda like energetic- but when I come home after working two jobs- I like something that mellows me - euphoric- I guess Is the best way to describe it … maybe week - week and a half… depending on this northeast weather. Thank you for your help- much appreciated…

Thank you for your help, I was thinking at least another week and a half and depending on what the weather brings. One thing I know This is the stickiest bud I’ve ever grown- and when then sun hits it- it sparkles- gonna be a shame to cut her down NOT! LOL …

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I swear when the sun was at certain angles the last one I chopped was pink!


Nice~ there ain’t nothing prettier than a Frosty ~ Fat ~ Bud. Is that a White Widow?
Happy Puffing.

Girl scouts Cookies Extreme. Super resiny. Still cutting for a couple of more weeks.

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Oh wow~ nice job. Enjoy the fruits or should I say cookies (lol) of your labor.

Just by pistils I would say to check again in about 10 days but you need to go by trichomes. Honestly maybe 2+’weeksThe pistils turning brown and into each other is a good indicator on when to really look at trichomes


FWIW, I’m growing White Widow and mine are almost there. One of my plants is getting cloudy on the trichomes. You really need to get some magnification to see them.

This is what I use:


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Thank you , appreciate the guidance.

I haven’t had any luck with them. Their not sending me the the right cord that plugs into my phone. So I just sent two of them back yesterday. I’ll stick with my jewelers loupe~ I seem to have better luck with that. Thank you though

Cord into your phone? Not sure what you’re using, I use that Carson I linked to, it has a button to turn a light on and one adjustment for power (60x-120x) and another for focus.

I was just looking at the 10 day forecast. I’m in NorCal, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Last couple days has been cold and overcast. 10 day shows sun for the next 10 days. Might depend on when the season really changes, often you can feel it. I was starting to feel like that the past couple days. I am guessing sometime during this next heat wave or as it end will be when they’re ready. I looked at mine again and most of the trichomes are still clear. Some many are not fully formed just yet. I think mine may have another week or two, which puts us at the end of October, or when the normal harvest is. I hope I get a decent crop this year, I didn’t grow last year and smoking 2 year old bud. Nothing like the sweetness of a new harvest. :yum:

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