White widow is she ready

I’m in NorCal too. In the foothills outside Sac… cold at night but nothing to worry about yet. I worry more about the rain in the 10 day forecast. My last plant is about 2. weeks away.

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Yeah the USB cord. They claim it works with an Android and the sent the usb for everything but. Then the directions are on a disk… not sure about your phone but mine doesn’t read disks… it was more trouble than it was worth. I’ll still with the jeweler’s loupe it’s tried and true … thanks though

Yeah, I was worried about rain a few days ago, it said it had 67% chance of rain either Sunday or Monday. We don’t have any rain forecasted for the next 10 days in the Bay area.

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Now we are looking at chance of rain starting Sunday night then Tuesday through Thursday. I have a sun shade that slides over the garden enclosure but she’s getting close… I’ll be watching her closely… may take her down with little to no amber… hubby likes the energetic and racey feel anyway

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Had to put the rain coat on last night. It came down hard ~ she survived… She’s so close - and we’re supposed to get another big storm tonight. Right now it’s beautiful outside. I’m debating whether to take her down or ride it out again. It’s supposed to be nice after this for at least the next 7 days. I don’t want to lose anything… I’ve been working hard. And everything played a role, from Weather to nutrients. Hmmmmm these are some of the biggest , most dense, full of sugar it’s caked on pretty good in some areas. I’m really stoked - bud from top to bottom… And the stickiness~ unbelievable. I’ve bought stock in rubber gloves.

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I grow for my own use. I do have a medical marijuana card. But it gets pretty expensive. I have a rare nerve disorder “Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy” it’s very painful and has many layers. I’d rather not be popping pills. I’ve lost a lot of weight and I get so hyper that I can’t sleep… I’m hoping that this is going to help with all my symptoms.

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It will help

Oops sorry … thank you for the heads-up… I’ll remember that

We got some drizzle last night, I was away and couldn’t get to my gals. They look ok, it didn’t drizzle very hard, and it’s supposed to rain again on Wed. I think these are coming out on Tues. night. Getting cloudy with some amber starting to show, but heads are not fully formed. None the less, they’re coming down on Tues. for better or worse, I can’t afford to loose what I have…smoking 2 year old bud as it is…

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White widow inside plastic greenhouse to prevent moths laying eggs for budworms to destroy flowers. None this time. The colas are hardening with Koolbloom dry now. I’ll go until halloween. Stopping all nutes five days before harvest and one good flush.
You have a bit mor time in my opinion. End of October for white widow outdoor is what I grew in 2017
Oh yeah your buds look great. Kudos on your grow.

I agree, still seems like time. However, I don’t have any cover and it’s gonna rain in the SF Bay area starting on Wed. and it looks like it’s gonna be raining for a week solid. Previously I harvested in the 3rd week of Oct, that’s when the trichomes looked right. This year the weather is a bit strange, and already starting to rain just past mid-October. Not sure I agree with Halloween, that may be a bit late, IMO and you could be left with mostly amber throughout the trichomes. That will mean stronger weed, but it’s not the type of high I’m after. One of the beauties about having cultivation legal in California is we can grow boutique type strains such as white widow. That plant looks great, much bigger than mine. I’m a lazy grower. PH, nutes, et al, I don’t do it…probably should but I pretty much just water.

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Two years ago I put up a portable shelter that has the roof only to keep rain off. It worked. It has been a strange year for growing outside.
I need the couch lock for my pain, RA. A drag getting old. Happy growing!
I’m in the gold country foothills.

Sorry to hear of your pain. I’ve had a number of bouts with gout, it’s kinda similar to arthritis, but in the legs rather than the arms. Also with gout the purines in your food can effect it highly, as can alcohol, but I don’t drink, I just love meat…and shell fish. Both are horrible for gout. The purines turn into crystals which cause great pain as the ball joint swivels (hips, knees or ankles and toe joints. I know someone that uses a balm with CBD in it to put on his ankle when he gets gout, he drinks alcohol though, so his problem is not just eating the wrong food…it’s drinking the wrong food!

As a bonus I found a hermie seed in a bud today. I had a white widow turn hermie by using seabird guano, and I saw someone else say that large doses will cause it for them also. It was just turning hermie late in the flowering, I thought I caused it through stress, but the seabird guano is a strange thing. :thinking:

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These are the least expensive quality nutrients. It does make a difference.
Easy to use. Adding their Koolbloom liquid and dry after flowering starts hardens buds. I also use hydrogen peroxide in every gallon of nutes for oxygen for the roots. That’s all you really need along with a good soil, Fox Farm Ocean Forest is my go to.
RA does suck and it’s similar to gout. Both painful. The meds I take now control it but still flares and pain. Cannabis has been a very good medicine for a lot of things. So glad it’s almost completely legalized here.

Curious though, if you’re looking to relieve pain, why do you grow White Widow? The reason I ask is I specifically grow it because it’s really high in THC and hardly any CBD. I would think that if you needed some pain relief for your RA, something like kush would be more suited. Have you thought about changing your strain?

No going back now, I cut my gals this afternoon as it’s going to rain tomorrow AM, and there was a chance tonight. Damn it smells good in my office. Trying to keep things airing so I don’t end up with mold. I think it was just a tad early, but I see cloudy trichomes on most of the bud, some of the lower small buds are clear. I didn’t want to risk it, it’s supposed to rain for about 4 days in the next week. No gluing them back now! :rofl: I have some nice bud. I had some budworm damage on my Big Roots, they didn’t seem to like the Emerald Builder like they did the Big Roots. I’ve trimmed about 1 plant out of 5. I don’t have a lot of bad bud from budworms, but had to pull some. I have plenty of good stuff that I don’t think it will matter.

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Hah! It’s starting to rain, and my phone says rain til about 8:00am.

I pondered moving them in, but 3 are 25 gallon. It’s done now, as I said, no gluing them back together. They’re not like Humpty Dumpty!

@Nanny IMHO…No not ready yet by far…still too many white pistils.Not sure if the same plant but the first couple pics look ready but the last few no. and as far as" hate to harvest at the wrong time" It all depends on what you want out of it… ? @Borderryan22 nice buds bro! Yeah Its funny,I have two ILGM GSC EX and they look nothing a like? I really tend to wonder if this is really a phenom issue or a mix up in seeds? @Liber yes really weird this year…usually by now it would be ready but I have “clear trichs” way later in the season then last year? @Caligurl Yep! Thats a valid question that I wonder if anyone could answer? Will my outdoor buds be ruined if they get wet for a day or two or three but then when the wind and sun come out to dry them ,will they get mold…My take is NO I don’t think so…If it were to rain for days on end …Yes… but to have them wet for a few days then sun dried with a good wind…I think they’d be OK. @Edz Looks great my man! I wanna do that maybe next season cause I have helluva time with the Caters, I hate them!!! @Liber P.S. Yep! when its raining I put them under a canopy then when it stops and the sun/clods are here I move them out. Im doing an experiment this year with my second batch of Autos…Im testing the “Ruderelis” in the Auto to see if it really can produce buds in the fall…and so far its 1000% working…Not the same as summer but pretty damn good!!!

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I need to build something next year for sure. I would like to have automatic watering, I have a control, but it’s not hooked up anymore, I think it still works.

Would like to dig up and mix raised beds with a screen around it and/or cover for rain. Maybe a clear plastic top, like a green house with mesh around the sides. My wife just got some from a friend that she put over a raised bed that has bok choy growing, as well as red lettuce. She uses a lettuce butt and puts a piece in it. They don’t always grow, I think it’s because the roots can’t get through the lettuce until it deteriorates. She has a lot of green onions also, she just plants a dozen or so and snips them when she cooks. Anyway, the squirrels were eating the lettuce butts, they would dig 'em up and make a mess too…first thought it was rats, but I caught them.

Same squirrels were hiding some type of acorn/nut in my pots. Yet another reason to enclose the grow next year.

I always remember my friend telling me, throw some seeds in the ground and water them, and whola…that is pretty much true to some extent, but it sure takes time to learn all of the pitfalls and there are so many ways to end up with sub-par bud. I hope I didn’t screw myself, I had 5 months into this grow. I like sunlight, it’s free! LOL

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The White widow wasn’t my first choice, but it’s a clone and that was the best of the batch at the dispensary. The CBD doesn’t seem to do as much as a really high THC %. At least for me.

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