Perpetual garden stage 2

Drop seeds August 20th. This is technically my third grow. First was a huge success. 3 plants with 24 smokable ounces. 2nd was hermies I threw out. They were huge and beautiful.

I ordered 35 seeds off ILGM. Only 2 weeks to get to me. Was very happy seeing I didnt have anything growing at the moment.
5 gold leaf and the widow pack 10 each
We are going to start with 5 white widows females I just dropped into water. Water temp and room temp are 65-70°
Will check daily to see if they crack open.
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Im tagged, :popcorn: is on standby, n :eyes: open. Best if luck my man

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Why you chuckin the Hermies… could of been oil or many other things… just sayin… :grin:
I’ve had Hermies only produce 20 or so seeds out of 3 to 6 oz. Plants… sometimes it’s not such a big deal… :wink:



Unless u have other girls in the grow area. N not going for seeds :wink::joy:


After only 1 day soaking all 5 cracked and are showing root. I only see 3 in pics but my wife said that they are cracked for sure. So 5 out of 5 white widows. Nice August 21st. Put them into a seedling soil mixed with perlite.


Get them into soil or rock… :grin:


No matter what… you can not turn down free seeds… u know danm well… the next best thing is around the corner… only time will tell… grow them out and see what you get… :grin:
Might be pleasantly surprised… :wink:



Good luck with this grow! Looks like you’re off to a great start with 5 WW. I’ll be watching.


Nice work Bud. Love it!

I am a fan of White Widow: it is in the same category as Gold Leaf. I have one in the SCROG right now.

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Put it up for me to check out please @Myfriendis410

As of yesterday morning. Here’s my journal. Kinda long but there’s a few good shots in there.


Ah yes I’ve been working on that thread actually. Is very long


So this is about 6 days from seed. Only 3 made it.

everything is going good so far


September 3rd. 13 days from seed. 10 above ground.

Plain 6.5 water. About every 3rd or 4th day. I’m careful not to overwater from my first grow. I usually pick them up to check weigh and eyeball the plant to see if they look thirsty.


Had the week off work so did some improvements to my flower room that I’ll be using soon. I had some light leaks from intake vents so I kinda just adjusted so the vent will now be next to plants and help keep soil cool with great airflow around base of plant.

vents have a slight downward angle so light doesn’t just go right in
this is the outside of room vent, it would be directly behind the brown outlet. It’s all hidden behind wall now. It probably took up about 7 inches but none at the canopy level


Sept 9th
20 days since seed was dropped
Transplanted to 1 gallon pots.

they were thirsty so I watered. I haven’t used any nutrients so far and they seem to be doing well. I usually let them dry out pretty good before I water so I’m not concerned with the thirsty look. Hopefully they can go another couple weeks before I start the nutes. They are all working on their 4th nodes now. I’ll fim next week an give them a good week before I transplant into 5 gallon pots. Also will drop a couple more seeds. I am rushing at least 2 so I can have some xmas buds. Also because I’ll run out if I dont.


That slow yellowing from the bottom is one of two things.

A. A leaf in the dirt.

B. A hungry lady saying feed me seymour…

But the girls looking good. Nice wide far leaves. :+1:t5:

Yeah they are pretty close to needing nutes. I transplanted into fresh ocean farm hoping it will give them another week wothout.

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Ahhh her roots probably just havent reached the goodies u have down there. If u feed go lighter then recommended. N allow her a bit of time to hit the hot soil. Dont wanna overcompensate too badly