Blue Dream 6 weeks in flowering - is it ready?

Happy Sunday! I have 3 Blue Dream plants that have been in bloom for 6 weeks (yesterday). I also have 3 White Widows with them, same stage. The trichomes on all 3 of the Blue Dreams are already starting to turn amber! Is that possible? I’ve been feeding them Tiger Bloom, 3 tsp, and Cal-Mag 1 tsp every other watering.

My White Widow Trichomes are still clear.

Is this way too early? Did I do something wrong? I read where it usually takes 9-10 weeks in bloom for these. They are clones taken from a 8 mo old plant I haven’t flowered yet. This is my 1st harvest with the Blue Dream. They also are not at all tall. I did prune them back a couple of times (did I do it too much and that prevented growth?)

Attached are the current pics of them. I don’t have the capability of taking a picture of the trichomes unfortunately, but the 2 in the front and the left middle plant are the Blue Dreams. The Bud pics are also the Blue Dreams.

TIA for help and advice!


Looks fire.

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How about a bit more detail: lights, nutrient program, PH, type of water, TDS of nutrients, TDS of runoff etc.


I think you got a little while to go yet the buds still look a little young go via the trichomes when you see some Amber trichomes and sometimes you can tell when it’s ready but to me it still looks like you’ve got a bit of time left I want to see some Amber trichomes then I usually start to feeding at water for two to three weeks


Very nice, you still got a couple/few weeks to go, good time to start a water only diet.

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I concur with all of the above. The help ticket above is always helpful as well :v: