Indoor Blue Dream Grow Not Flowering

I’ve been growing White Widow indoor for the past year and recently made the switch to fem. Blue Dream. My plants are all happy, healthy and huge, but after three weeks at 12/12 and nutrients for budding they seem to only want to make more fan leaves.

Does Blue Dream typically take more time at 12/12 to start the flowering phase? I’m new to this strain, but I think my old White Widow seeds were auto-flower, so I’m a bit new to the plain fem. seeds. Any advice would be most appreciated.

My blue dream took along time and it will stretch 150 to 200% first i went into flower Nov 1 and it just now getting a light hint of gold coloring on the trichomes at the bud but still has clear trichomes to and the leaves are just now starting to brown i thought it was never going to.


3 weeks is a bit long after switching.
Are you sure there are no light leaks?

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Wow. 200% stretch? I’m going to be maxing out the space in my grow tent if that’s the case for me as well. The White Widow I grew was tiny by comparison. I’ll do my best to be patient. They seem so healthy, which is awesome, and I don’t mind giving them more time for more bud. I was just concerned I was missing something with this strain. Thanks so much for the reply.

I don’t think I have any leaks, but I’ll double check the tent and see. Thanks for the suggestion!

Blue Dream is rapid response plant. Keep an eye on the nutrients she’s getting. Easy to burn in flower so progressively increase feeding and avoid the non flower nutrients