How long can I expect Blue Dream fem to grow?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

my question is how long can I expect Blue Dream fem to grow? I know I can keep in veg stage for quite a while but how long can I expect it to take to get to about a meter wide? I see online that its flower time is 10 weeks so I am confused if that means either 1) It takes 10 weeks from start to ready to harvest or 2) Once you start flowering, it’ll take 10 weeks to finish. If it is not option 1, how long can i expect to wait for her to be ready for flowering. Of course assuming everything goes perfectly, proper nutrition, lightig, etc. etc.

Currently I have a blue dream feminized photo from ilgm going. I’m on week 14 overall and about 7 weeks into flower. I’m counting my two weeks of stretch into that 7 weeks of flower. So I’m figuring it’s going to take me at least another week or two. So I’d say for me on my first-ever blue dream grow it will be about 9 weeks of flower counting the first two weeks of stretch. Subject to change but so far that’s what I’m seeing with my trichomes. Sugar leaves have some Amber but the buds themselves are milky white. Waiting to get the buds about 10 to 20% amber before i harvest. Good luck and enjoy your grow. I’ll be watching to see how some of the pros respond too.


Most seed company description listings will say: 10-12 weeks flowering…this is the time AFTER going to 12/12 flower schedule.
FOR AUTO’s: the info will say 12 weeks S2H Seed to Harvest…
Keep in mind especially Auto’s sellers know the buyers are seeking the fastest seeds possible. AND, the advertised info will reflect that interest.
Best to watch the trichomes and be assured that you harvest at your desired preference. Some folks want the couch lock that more dark trichomes will produce.

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