Best Soil for indoor Grow?

Greetings, going on my second grow. My first grow wete black widows and i made the newbie mistake of not having calmag/pH tester until over a week into flowering and had some major issues with nutes… looking to stay away from nutes this grow.

Any advice on what soil to use?

I’ve seen people get good results with this soil. Just water and go…
Probably best for autos or short veg periods.

I personally use Fox Farm ocean forest. It’s pretty much water and go for the first 2 months.

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I’d start off with some Happy Frog as it’s not as hot as the Fox Farm Ocean forest and you’ll only need to ph the water until ready to transplant into a bigger pot. At that point I would fill the larger pot with some of the Ocean Forest which is hotter and better for flowering but I always add nutes to help increase the size of the buds. You really need to keep the ph at about 6.5 going in.

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canna terra pro, love the stuff :+1: @Mr.FckAVERAGE



Awesome. This was one of my finalist on amazon. I understand the bites and growing big buds. But i never even knew about nutes ubtil ibstarted ibdoor growth. And all miracle grow products are waaaaaaay to hot to add nutes

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Yeah PH qas a major issuenwith my first grow. Withing days of switching to flowering i ran out of calmag and three days later it was like death in there. I saved one but between the flush and trimming i lost too much leaces to really get a big plant. I make sure to test the water a few days prior and once more before watering

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@Mr.FckAVERAGE this is my second grow and I’m only using organic soil and fox farm trio and a ph meter. I’m also growing black widow feminized photos.
Everyone here tells me that there looking great. I think I’m around day 48 since flip :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

also I had to switch to flower around week five because they were out growing myspace


@Mr.FckAVERAGE btw on my first grow I used mir grow and tap water and Fox farm trio. Big mistake on my part. I only got one ounce usable off two plants. This grow I’m just keeping it simple and it’s workin out a hell of a lot better. I wish u well on your second grow and my ure buds be large and plentiful :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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Yeah that stuff is waaaay too hot… i lost 6 of my seven plants. I racked my brain because it look like a cal mag issue and in reality it was some rapid nute burn. Leaves were basically white in some. Had to do a flush and trim. Which reduced the hell out of my plant.

I still have a 16qt bag of the miracle grow. Im doing a 10seed grow with Blue dream in 15gal fabric pots (2 plants per pot) im going to use the rest of the miracle grow in one pot with no nutee. Just cal mag every other feeding and see what i get from that bag of chemical mess

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I am 6 weeks into my first grow you can check my post in the transition forum … Here is what I’m using: Organic soil (PROMIX Ultimate Organic), some manure, a gigantic pot that holds about 7 gallons of soil(pot is 18 inches wide), and a product available on Amazon called Organic Plant Magic…A bit spendy but in the grand scheme of things, a no brainer for me. It’s a compost tea in powder form. One teaspoon of it mixed into a gallon of water and that’s it. Use all of the water you put the tea powder in at once, otherwise the mix will go bad within a day. If you need less water, just eyeball putting the tea powder in, you won’t mess up the plant if you put a little too much in. I use it pretty much every time I water… Right now I’m giving my plant 1.5 gallons every 2-3 days and it is growing like a Great Dane puppy:). Lights are 2 300w equivalent Viparspectra LEDS (look into these). Starting flowering tomorrow as the plant is so big after 6 wks that I will outgrow my ceiling if I wait any longer. Plant is lush green and very healthy… Bottom 3 inches of stalk is bigger around than my thumb and hard wood… Very strong plant! Good luck!

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I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in. I’m in day 44 of my first grow. I decided to keep it as basic as I could so I could use it as a benchmark for my next grows. In fact I call it my KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) grow. I chose Fox Farms Ocean Forest and their trio of nutrients, and of course, CAL-MAG. I’ve used 1/2 of what they say to use every other watering. In between I water with just CAL-MAG. The ladies are going great with very few nutrients. I’m growing indoors in a tent. Good Luck on your grow. :wink:

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