Best seeds for indoor small room growing

Hi, I am looking to purchase some seeds today. I would like some insight to what would be best for me to buy for my conditions. I have a small 10 by 10 unused room in my home. It has only one window which is blacked out for the plants I have now. My lighting is mostly done with the new LED panels. I have supplemental grow lights on them also due to the low wattage put out by the leds. I grow in pots. My soil that I use is all organic and natural. I am still a bit confused on auto flowering verses regular. Which is easier?. Reason for so many questions is that I had really really horrible luck with my last batch that I had ordered from somewhere else. Germination rate was about 1 in 10 with what I bought but if I just threw a hand full of crappy seeds from the commercial crap they have here where I live they would all just pop up. But my luck has been only males with them. I have read many of your support topics and am learning quite a bit. Am waiting on the confirmation to come through on my email to download the book. My ceiling height is 10 ft. Thanks for any advice before I make my purchase. I am looking at the white widow, blueberry, purple and amnesia haze. Thanks again.

10 x 10 what? Meters, feet?

The ultra low watt LED panels, the 13.8 or 14 watt ones, are not for growing big healthy plants, they are mostly used to keep your plant healthy and alive with very little growth from the plant. They are good for maintaining small mother plants in about the same size floor space they themselves are in dimensions, in other words a panel is about one square foot and is only good for covering about one square foot, of floor space or the plant’s canopy, at only a few inches above the plants. They can be used in the nursery as well, for preparing seedlings and small clones. You want the high power LEDs for aggressive vegetative growth or for flowering. You might be able to grow some small autoflower plants under these lights but I don’t know how well they would grow or how big they would get under such lights, I can’t imagine them doing very well at all in flowering plants, except for maybe the sea of green small Popsicle/lollipop clone type grows.

I’m thinking you are saying you have almost a ten foot cube (10’ wide x 10’ long x 10’ high) to grow in? If this is the case you have plenty of room to grow pretty much any strain you want, even with little to no training, 10 feet high is a lot of room for an indoor grow, of course a light system will take up some of that vertical height. All of the strains you are looking at will do very well in that size room, white widow and blueberry being the shorter ones and puple and amnesia both being haze and sativa dominant will get a bit taller, but it is easily handled by training or when you start the flowering, auto hybrids will maintain shorter stature even when bred with sativas. If the room gets hot, autos do not tolerate the heat as well as other strains, sativas usually handling the highest heats the best.

You can get away with supplementing these low power LEDs with CFLs or other lights if you want, it can work, there are many many ways to do it. Just doing it will help you learn the quickest. Something to think about with regular seeds from a bag of schwag/street weed and getting all males, the PH of the soil being too acidic can cause more males to come out of regular (un-feminized) seeds as well as other stresses such as temperature of the soil can be a factor in the number of males vs. females. I have noticed auto seeds do horrible if the soil temps get too high and die off easily.