One room or three tents?

im addicted to the grow. im already planning on my next setup in about 8 weeks. I have a 9x9 room that I could wrap in white plastic and setup lights, table, plants etc. I also have a 3x3x72 tent that im about to put to use. would I be better off to use one big room to grow 6-8 plants or would I be better off setting up 3 - 3x3x72 tents? this will be my 3rd grow by the time im ready to pull the just unsure of the benefits and pitfalls of one way over the other. Thanks for all the help and advice!

Normally I would say you will be better served with separate areas for seedlings, vegging, and flowering. They have different lighting/timing needs. I only have 1 room, plus a seedling grow box, and I have been forced to put too many plants into 12/12 lighting before their time. I bought some ILGM White Widow Autos, thinking if I transition to all Autos, I won’t require both 12/12 and 18/6 light timing.


I hear you @bryan I am thinking of single grow tent with an auto to start then add 2-3 photos and by the time I go ton12/12 the Auto will be done

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with a 9x9 room and three 3x3 tents, you set any lighting timing you want to. As many LEDs as you can afford, 1 per tent? personally, If I had that space, I would put 8-9 Autos at once.

So, I guess it’s gonna boil down to one big batch of the same strain or 3 separate grows of different strains? Just trying to figure if there is any real difference one way or the other?

It all comes down to personal preference. What I did was order the White Widow Auto 10 + 10 packs. But in hindsight, I regret not getting the Autoflower Mix Pack at the same time. You get 3 different varieties. My debit card would not let me order seeds, so I sent cash. Got seeds in 21 days.

What did u decide?

After realizing the constraints of the tent and the problems with heat and humidity I had to sort out, I’m definately going with the room. The tent I have will be used strictly for seedlings and early growth plants.

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SIMPLE - any time one can separate room’s - that is the best way to go. The more room the better