Lighting and space

So I’m starting to get my stuff that I will need to start growing my own supply I’ve ordered my seeds and I’m looking for a light I’ve got a small 2x2x7 room all I want to do is just one plant maybe 2 at the most but more then likely just one plant at a time cause it’s just me would a vipraspectra 300 be enough light for one plant and do I need to get a grow tent for my space?

Bravo! Lol. I’m glad you were able to get posted!

For lighting it is recommended to have 40-50 watts per sq foot of actual wattage. Those 300s are rated at about 140 watts at the plug I believe. A little low per sq foot but two by two isn’t very much space for two plants.

What are you growing? Do you already have seeds? Autos need a 3 gallon pot and photos need 5 gallon pots not sure you could get two in the small of a space?

And no you don’t need a tent to grow in a closet.

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Well one is fine with me and I ordered the blueberry autoflowering and they haven’t arrived yet so would that light be sufficient enough for the space then?

You definitely need to pick up a few 100 W CFL’s for your seedlings I’m not sure what kind of soil you plan on using but after they hatch in getting soil and put them in there I use nothing but CFL lightbulbs to get them started after a few weeks then your 300 W will be perfect it will be pushing it to be able to do two autos if you can spend the extra money for the 600 it will be worth the money

What’s the best kind of soil to get? Or what kind do you guys use?

Depends on where in the world you are for the soil? To start you really just want a plain seedling starter soil with no fertilizer in it (no miracle grow unless that is all you can find, then try to find the cactus mix)

One Blueberry Auto should be fine in that space. Funny I just ordered Blueberry auto yesterday myself for my next grow! @Shocker_impulse

Yeah it come up as a indoor compact plant lol I didn’t want one that grows really tall I’m pretty sure I can get just about any soil besides one that is specifically for cannibis cause my state sees it as a drug still they are still behind in times

Some of the guys growing BBA already are saying it got a lot taller than they expected. Just a FYI

Go to any hardware store chain and they will have seedling starter with perlite or just plain (unfertilized) potting soil is fine.

You will want to transplant into a 3 gallon pot and then some Fox Farms Ocean Forest or Happy Frog are good choices.I use the soft pots. Here is a list of some of the things you might want to consider. They are linked to Amazon. And they are just thoughts… A pH tester is pretty much not an option though. The MJ plants like consistent pH at the right number, depending on soil / soiless

amazon link rem everything after “?” and paste in tag=greenrel-20

ph and tds meters

ph up & Down

1-2-3-5-7-10 gallon soft pots

Clip on Fan

fan heater

Velcroe straps

exhaust fan and filter

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Very cool that you have decided to grow your own supply everyone should do the same . If you haven’t already ordered your light go on and look at the Meizhi 450 watt reflector series lights read up on them and check the price , they were very reasonable a few months ago and I bought 2 for what many were paying for a high end 300 watt . @Hogmaster also uses this brand and many others are starting to like them also I know I love the results I get from mine . Hogmaster has been using them for a while now and his buds are what got me to check them out . Good luck

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Honestly dude id go on ebay and bid! its great, i just picked up 360 actual watts in 2 LED’s, brand like vispera ect for 120 bucks, not bad at all. Bid my friend, bid.

When I ended up buying my lights for free shipping and as cheap as they were eBay couldn’t even beat it even with peoples use stuff


So what brand is better the meizhi, vipraspectra lol so many choices sorry I had run out of replys that I could do

@Shocker_impulse Personal preference my friend go with your impulse

I’ve been told by somebody who owns both of these lights that the Mezzi’s are better for flowering and the Viper spectras are better for vegetating… :wink:

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