Best nutrients for flowering?

Im about to go into flowering im still new to growing im wondering whats the best nutrients for flowering? I heard of big buds but reviews are bad im using pure blend pro for soil for veg stage right now any ideas?

Try Jack’s 321. Extremely affordable. Good luck :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Jacks is budget friendly, simple, and effective.


Ill definitely give it a try thank you bro

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Where can i find jack nutrients? I looked up the 321 an couldnt find anything

Check Amazon and eBay. Search for Jacks Hydroponics 321. You’re looking for a 3 part kit. I grabbed a small kit off eBay to try it out. Absolutely no complaints so far and even this little tiny bit will last me a while since it only takes ¼ teaspoon of A and B and ⅛ teaspoon of the Epsom salts.

Can i use that for soil also? Im currently using pro mix hp

Fox farm trio or happy frog flower and fruit the flower and fruit is awesome casue you only top dress once a month and just water ur girls super easy Fox farm trio is good too bud it’s a hassle messing everything once a day/ every other day once the girls are really drinking

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The plants looking dope bro an thank you for the advice i just ordered it now💪🏼

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No problem dude fare warning the flower and fruit is gunna make your room smell like straight dog shit the first week of watering lol

And you can use the hydro nutes in soil but need to cut the doeses almost in half as the hydro nutes are quite a bit more potent

Yes. I use ProMix.