Best light for small tent?

Best type and size light set up for aSmall Space. 3 ft tall, 2 ft wide, 2ft deep. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

HLG 135 rspec. Edit fixed. Just buy it from horticulturelightinggroup dot com ya know.
Code diy10 for 10% off.
And I mean the 135 rspec.

kills it in a 2x2.

You would never have to lower it. Just place as high as possible. 3ft is so short.


This would be the kind of light that you could slam that area though. Keeping her short with excess light. I did that accidentally first grow. Litterally slammed my girls down with oppressive levels of light.

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Raised my light and lowers my intensity due to your post :grinning:

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Only 2 feet deep? Pots are at least 9 inches tall. Not a lot of room in that tent.

The 135 Rspec at full power is just too much power, even stuck to the top of that 3x3…
Maybe using the dimmer, but then, he could just get the HLG 100 Rspec, which would be way easier to handle in such a small space i think…
The 135 will make nodes millimeters apart and light burn anything in the middle

I have a 135 on a 6’7" tall tent and it’s awesome there, but my neighbor who also has the same light also tried 2 autos on a 5’ tall tent and took him a few weeks to realize that the plants were being cooked and growing really slow…
He dimmed the thing back close to 75%…
Now hes trying to finish a couple of 8" tall autos…

I use two qb 288 rspec boards. Which the 135 is one… I don’t have this problem.

Tents only 6ft


@Budz Do you suppose the 320 XL Rspec would do it for a 4x4? I had my eye on the 600 but the kit is sold out, contemplating settling for lower so I have a decent one when my autos decide to flower on me (that’s a long way away but I hate the idea of not having sufficient lighting)

Only 6 ft is still double the height, and 3x3 has the reflective walls further away compared to a 2x2… Having the walls closer really ups the intensity a bit more…

I am still amazed that Hellraiser has 6x 288 boards inside a 3x3, but its a Gorilla Grow Tent, so height is plenty and the man is an absolute beast of a grower💪

That’s the recommended size. I use two qb 288s in a 3x3. The 320 is three. Recommended for 4x4. The 600 is for 5x5

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Thanks Guys!!